Winter Goods

I've never experienced a winter where you can wear dresses and open toe heels. It's absurd yet totally cool all at the same time. I'm not complaining, well maybe sometimes if its really cold but that's not the point. The point today is to share my goods that I purchased at *surprise surprise* Zara. Back story: [...]



Zara will always have a space in my closet, if not the whole closet. One day... I love anything that is from Zara or inspired by Zara. The pieces that are made and shown in each collection are stunning. From the basics, to the wacky pieces, Zara is truly fashion to the less fortunate haha just [...]

Tight central

Tights will be your best friend this season if you're like me and love to wear shorts and or skirts during the coldest season possible. I hardly ear them when it's appropriate, it's a bit ironic when you think about it. However, thank goodness for tights!  When wearing tights, I believe it shows off elegance in [...]


I am starting this new year with such a great start. I landed an amazing job that will further my career and make my creative juices flow non-stop. With this new job I have acquired, I am allowed to wear my own style and just be me. I couldn't have asked for a better job. [...]