Globe Trotting

You know what get's me hyped?? Life.  Life has so much to offer. The beauty, massive different cultural lifestyles, opportunities, relationships, experiences, etc etc. I could go on forever but let's just leave it at that. We all have free will by the grace of God. With that, comes many skin-rising choices whether we see them as [...]

What God?

Before reading this I want to say when it comes to topics like this, they can be condescending or rude. My intentions are to be nothing but graceful. Everything I am saying I say with Grace and Love behind it. Enjoy (: What God sacrifices His own life for every person whom ever lived, and [...]

Here’s To Number Seven

Time flies when you’re having fun. As I am sitting here, embarking on my last couple of travels I have so many emotions I don’t even know how I’m really feeling about all this. If you asked me a year ago, never would I have said “oh yeah, going to Australia”. No, I would’ve said, [...]


Person 1: Hey! How are you?? Person 2: good! “high pitch voice”. How are you? Person 1: I’m good “smiles and walks off. Person 2: “smiles and walks off too” Does that sound familiar? That’s what a pretty typical day-to-day surface level conversation I hear others speak and I too, have done as well. Why [...]

You Are “fill in the blank” Enough

It’s going to be six months in the middle of next week, of gathering two suitcases up and leaving for an adventure I’ve been itching for. Me, be the planner that I am, I was already anxiously planning on writing a six month update on the day of but a revelation happened tonight and I [...]