Globe Trotting

You know what get’s me hyped?? Life. 

Life has so much to offer. The beauty, massive different cultural lifestyles, opportunities, relationships, experiences, etc etc. I could go on forever but let’s just leave it at that.

We all have free will by the grace of God. With that, comes many skin-rising choices whether we see them as good or bad they are choices that will direct us to the next destination. Having a personal relationship with Jesus and just believing in His goodness is all about faith. Without faith, it’s nothing. But with the great gift of the Holy Spirit that is provided when declaring your faith in Jesus, provision is available when it comes to needing clarity or direction in that next step.

I used to live my relationship with Jesus in a way of “ok God, where do you want me to go, what do you want me to do?” Expecting that big audible voice to say “Go here, Go there.” Well, in my life, I have not heard Him like that ever, unless I was too in my world… that’s completely off topic, Anywho!

What I am trying to get at is, yes, this life is great! However, it’s not necessarily about our benefit and our happiness. It’s about growing the kingdom of God and to be alive when the world considers us “dead.” Hear me out though, there are times we should be selfish and be focused on our own being to grow more fruitfully each day. I have hardly ever allowed myself to be selfish in that sense and it’s not healthy. Good thing, I have a much better understanding about Jesus and His goodness && about His will and not mine. God gave us free will to do what we want. Despite whether we see it as “good” or “bad”, that choice will still allow us to continue on the path of the Lord’s great will that He has had planned for us since the beginning. I am beyond thrilled to be in this mindset and place in life to take an opportunity that has presented itself and take it by a huge leap of faith. Even though some may disagree with it and some do not see the benefit of it, there will always be learning opportunities, opening and closing doors, etc. Jesus will still provide for me, love me, never leave me and just be with me no matter where I decide to reside. Internationally or domestically, He is there! He is still proud of my decisions despite how awful and selfish they may be to the human eye. I believe since there has been a lot of prayer, seeking and just flat out faith that’s what He really enjoys. The fact is, I am making a leap of faith into the unknown and just truly trusting Him. It’s so challenging, and just simply so life-giving, I obviously could not miss this chance.

So here’s to new adventures, new opportunities, new friends, new doors, closed doors, and just growing my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father!! WOOHOO!

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What God?

Before reading this I want to say when it comes to topics like this, they can be condescending or rude. My intentions are to be nothing but graceful. Everything I am saying I say with Grace and Love behind it. Enjoy (:

What God sacrifices His own life for every person whom ever lived, and for those who aren’t even born yet? What God loves that person who has made more mistakes known to mankind? Or the girl who has scars on scars because she said it would be the last time, last time. Or what about the man who cannot stop watching porn because he’s been struggling with overcoming that addiction and it only seems to get worse each time. The woman who has sold herself to multiple men and or women to make ends meet or just because her husband is not satisfying her needs, vice versa. Or what about the person who murdered and is serving his time for the choices he or she has made. What God would do that? What God loves them, despite their addictions, habits or lifestyles? What they’ve done, are doing and will be doing? Tell me what other God has created a universe with such detail down to the T? What other God has lived a perfect life, died a gruesome public death and 3 days later rose back to life? There’s only one has done that and He goes by the name, Jesus Christ or some know Him as Yahweh, Abba or Emmanuel, either or only ONE has done that and from that happening His footprint is the only life that has not faded.

The next question you probably want to ask is; How? How do you know this? Show me. I need proof; I need something tangible to believe. I need facts or else what you’re saying is bogus. It may sound bogus, I myself, have thought maybe this whole Jesus stuff is bogus, maybe all this stuff is just jib jab just to keep people busy. Later on, I came to realize that followers of Christ walk by faith not by sight; 2 Corinthians 5:7. We trust by faith not by sight. Living in a instant gratification world it makes it that much harder. However, that’s why being followers of Christ we are called to not do life alone, to be in community, to be in relation with Jesus so we do not seek proof or conditions in order to believe in the one and true living God. We are called to take up our cross daily and serve, just as He did on His last meal before being crucified. John 13:1-17

Your next question is: How do you know the bible is real? How do you know those people aren’t just making that stuff up? It’s all just nonsense. I want to let you know that I have asked and are still asking the those questions to this day. I don’t have all the answers to every question, I don’t want to know the answers to every question because that’s not in my capability or power. I just want to be here to help you, be the tool for you to understand a little more about the man who created this earth and WANTS TO BE WITH YOU. Who wants to love you unconditionally no matter what trial, season, lifestyle or background you have.

To answer the question of how do I know the bible is real? The books of bible are prophets for Jesus, they are telling their life stories to show that we are not alone. They went through pain, trials, tribulations, rich, poor, wise, silly, no matter who they were or the jobs they had, they all went through pain but at the end of the day the answers were ALL the same. Jesus. Jesus was their savior, Jesus guided them, directed, filled them with Joy, Truth, Grace, Mercy, Jesus is always the answer and will forever be the answer on this side of Heaven. Being told there is a place where there is no more tears, no more pain, no more suffering, no more cancer, no more drug addictions, no more evil, no more bombings, no more murdering, no more crime, no more heart breaks, no more divorce, no more plagues, no more death… how could you not want to go to a place like that? How could you not want that for eternity? Because you think it’s too good to be true? It’s not real? It’s fake. If that’s the case, I ask then, show me where that’s not the case? Show me how Heaven is not real? Show me when was Jesus a bully, a killer, an addict, a cheater, a liar or a promise breaker? Show me when he failed, he did not follow through, He did not save, and He did not get on that cross to die for yours and my sins. The questions you ask, I ask you the same. If you don’t believe in Heaven or in Jesus, why is that? Why can’t you believe? What’s stopping you? What’s stopping you from understanding something that could set you free? That could give you eternal perfect Holy life? The question you should be asking yourself is why the heck wouldn’t you want something like that? In this time and century I believe eternal life would be #goals. Before shutting down an opportunity of knowing someone so perfect and being in relation with them, just try and put down the walls of pride, the walls of being better than anyone else because Jesus is as good as it gets.

So again, I ask what other God would sacrifice Himself on a cross, wash your feet, meet all your needs before His, would take a slash and bleed so much that He is unrecognizable. Still loves you despite what you have done behind closed doors or are still doing. Jesus Christ, the one and only living sovereign God would do that, that’s who. He’s here, He’s waiting for you to invite Him into your life. John 14:6 

Don’t make everyday a Monday, make a change on whatever day, time and second you’d like. You’re in control of what happens next. Choices you make consequences will follow, that being good or bad! 



Here’s To Number Seven

Time flies when you’re having fun. As I am sitting here, embarking on my last couple of travels I have so many emotions I don’t even know how I’m really feeling about all this. If you asked me a year ago, never would I have said “oh yeah, going to Australia”. No, I would’ve said, I’m too comfortable to move anywhere. (as majority of us are)

It’s funny to think I had all these plans set, a five-year plan ahead of me and I know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to play out. Well once you decide that you want to obey the Lord and walk that narrow road, you never know what is ahead for you. You can plan all you want but I’m going to be honest, it won’t happen, the way you want. Your desires and wants will happen because that’s a promise from God but… in His timing and His way.

Never did I think I would be able to see as much of Australia as I have because of my job. I knew I would see maybe a few places but not all what I’ve seen. It’s hard because in ways I don’t get why I am able to have this. I don’t get why I get to do what I’ve been hoping I could do. Why do I deserve to see all what I have seen? Why? WHY? It’s been a HUGE learning experiencing of really going to the roots and starting from the beginning. I never thought I would have this type of mindset, I never thought I would be in this position the way I am and I never knew I would want to grow so much deeper in my faith until this revelation of a trip.

Recently, I have been in a long season of learning about trust. Trust that the Lord is really in control; trust that everything will work out, for His glory. Trust that whatever may happen it IS and ALWAYS will be for His glory good or bad. Trust trust trust trust. It’s so much easier said than done. With trust though, I am learning that Grace plays a big part in that word as well and act. For example:

Why am I able to travel to the places I’d like to go even though I can be selfish, inconsiderate and stubborn? The only answer I believe to be true is: Jesus loves me unconditionally NO MATTER WHAT. We live in a conditional world and when someone does something bad, they get their reward or that thing not given because that person did not like how they treated them, etc. I serve a categorically beautiful God who will never hang that carrot in my face then snatch it away. Despite my failures, my behavior, my attitude, my selfishness, my stubbornness, He wants to still reward me, He still wants to give me my desires because He nailed that crap to the cross and washed it all away with His blood. How cool is that? How incredible to know that there is ACTUALLY someone like that?

After seven months of a lot of alone time and really seeing a small piece of what life is, I want everyone to experience Him, I need everyone to know the Love that they ACTUALLY deserve, I need them to know the Grace they ACTUALLY deserve. I understand it’s very hard to comprehend those attributes about someone because we hardly ever see that in this world but again and again, I am going to continue to say and preach that you walk by FAITH not by sight. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. You will have tough days of not wanting too but that is what Grace is. No matter what or how long you’ve been away from God, He’s still there and will provide for you.

Proverbs 3:5 has been with me since the beginning of my trip and it’s constantly repeating in my head because it’s TRUTH. I’ve gone through SO much crap during this trip, so many trials and tribulations, and I’ve never had to do so much independently on my own. With this independence comes either walking a wide path of selfish hard times or a very narrow path with hard times but with obedience. Let me remind you, no matter the path you decide to take, YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE. I’m learning that and still trying to understand that no matter the decision right or wrong, the Lord is right next to me waiting for me to ask for help. No more excuses of I’m too (fill in the blank). I am the queen of excuses and I am here to say I am and YOU ARE, GOOD ENOUGH FOR JESUS forget your past, present and future sins, He already has. He will remember your sins no more. Stop making up excuses. Matthew 11:28 COME AS YOU ARE TO HIM, scratched, bruised, broken, addicted, hurt, sad, happy, comfortable whatever it may be; COME AS YOU ARE. He is the healer of ALL sins and will give you nothing but unconditional GRACE. It’s starts with trust; He’s waiting for you to make that move. Are you ready?




Person 1: Hey! How are you??

Person 2: good! “high pitch voice”. How are you?

Person 1: I’m good “smiles and walks off.

Person 2: “smiles and walks off too”

Does that sound familiar? That’s what a pretty typical day-to-day surface level conversation I hear others speak and I too, have done as well. Why though? Why surface level, even if it’s your best friend friend or just a friend. Why can’t people get deep anymore? Why can’t people ask the question one more time to really ask how they’re going? I’ve done that before, I’ve asked that question multiple times in a row to others because I truly want to know and I know they want to tell someone why they’re hurting or having a bad week but they don’t want to share it unless some shows some type of curiosity when they speak. However, when it comes to authenticity where has it gone? What made it stop? Why are people so lazy these days when it comes to relationships and friendships? Why don’t they want to the extra mile? Are they not worth it? If they aren’t why are you still friends? Why can’t we be real when it comes to answering simple questions of, “hey, how are you?” Why do you even bother asking if you don’t want to get deep? I am not saying you need to be deep every time but for once, just be raw and really speak on how your feeling and receiver: just let them talk. That’s where healing begins.

Specifically speaking to all my brothers and sisters in Christ this question is more directed towards you. If we are called to hold each other’s burdens, walk together through trials and tribulations, help each other out, be encouraging why can’t you go that extra step? Why can’t you just stop being selfish for once and just help another sister or brother, who is struggling. For all you know, your help may literally save their walk. Hear me out, I’m not saying I’ve never been selfish because I have and still am. I also am saying that I’ve needed my Christ following friends to help me out but they didn’t want to help because my situation was exhausting, they didn’t have time or it was a burden to them. Ouch, that’ll do it.

If you claim yourself to be this Christ follower of the most Sovereign God and someone who is suppose to be an image of Him, why can’t you walk the walk as well? Why do you only do it when it’s convenient? Even though you maybe going through hell at the moment or have been for many years, that person who says their good but truly isn’t but could really use someone to ask one more time because that will show that they truly want to go beyond surface level because we are called TO DO THAT. Why is that so hard for us? Why? Why can’t we be authentic with our struggles and share them or hear others out when they’re struggling? We’re not perfect. I struggle all the time. I am just so tired of people not being there for others and not helping them out when someone needs it the most. You can’t tell me you didn’t want someone to listen to you when your heart was broken from that recent break-up or your parent’s divorce that recently just became finalized. I have. I’ve wanted that shoulder to cry on.

To conclude this statement that will be continued another time I want to leave you with this. If you do feel alone and you have no one to count on, not even that person who said they will always be there isn’t there, the shoulder that you can cry on, that will be there 24/7, that will NEVER leave you NOR for sake you, that will ALWAYS hear you out, that will NEVER judge you and will ONLY love you and have their arms WIDE open for you is, Jesus Christ.

To be continued…