All Will Be Well

Traveling can be a bit lonely for many various reasons. Recently, I had the opportunity to cross paths with a rad gal whom has heaps of commonalities with me. It was almost as if our paths were suppose to cross because how like-minded we are. It filled me with peace knowing I wasn't the only [...]


Happy New Year!

Twenty Sixteen is right around the corner… how insane does that sound? I remember when 2010 hit, it was a catasrophy, is it said twenty-ten or two thousand-ten but that was 6 years ago. I cannot wrap my head around how fast the year has flown by. Every year cliché as it is, because it [...]

Tis the season for giving!

Have you ever heard of expect the unexpected? Well that tends to usually be the case for a lot of life's little surprises or blessings. I've been at my job (nannying) for about a good year now. They have been so incredibly generous, helpful, flexible and nice ever since day 1. Since it is the [...]