Own It

No, I do not have broken arms and yes, my shirt is on backwards but that’s fashion right? Weird stuff, HA. HA. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a photo on Tumblr and became very inspired to try this look! However, I cannot show you the original photo since I never was able to find it ever again… but anyway.

Sometimes, it feels goofy wearing this specific style blouse, and you get those “what the heck looks” but own girl, OWN IT.

This look is so chic!! It’s fun because it’s not your typical blouse, so it spices up that full button up blouse you only know how to wear one-way. Adding a bold necklace can also add heaps of creativity to this whole “new-way” outfit.

You’re welcome, in a “Sadie Saxton voice”!!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

  • Top: Sportsgirl (AUS)
  • Shorts: Thrifted denim pants
  • Necklace: n/a
  • Sunnies: Free people
  • Sandals: BCBG




I See London, I S France

Recently, crop tops have been a favourite piece of mine. Not sure why though since majority of the time when I see them, it looks like baby gap was a hot spot for shopping. But on another note, if I do have crop tops I tend to cut them myself in a way of flattery. For example: this sweatshirt I actually did love was a mens sweater but I decided to chop it up and create a cropped edgy look.

I decided to pair it with a pencil skirt with some simple detail to add some texture.

Booties, runners, flats. pumps, whatever type of shoe you decide to wear it’s pretty easy to choose since this outfit is and can be, so versatile.

Accessories babe: let’s keep that simple too. Hoops add a girly effect so it’s not too tom-boy. I also added my everyday go-to bracelets which provides an even more “sierra” look.

Because the weather fluctuates so much here in CO, you have to be prepared no matter what. So wether that’s wearing a sweatshirt for a shirt or booties and runners, you are prepared for what mother nature could bring about. Here’s to staying fashion forward babe!


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