Own It

No, I do not have broken arms and yes, my shirt is on backwards but that’s fashion right? Weird stuff, HA. HA. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a photo on Tumblr and became very inspired to try this look! However, I cannot show you the original photo since I never was able to

Day & Night

Playsuits bring my inner child out of me. You can go anywhere, whenever, while wearing a playsuit. Long pants, long sleeve, shorts or spaghetti strap, they have them in various designs for whatever season your little heart desires. I recently just found this beautiful blue playsuit at a boutique. That’s the one main reason why… Continue reading Day & Night


I’ve been planning to head down to Sydney for about a two weeks, but let’s still say it’s a spontaneous decision, deal? My sister has the sweetest friend who is letting me stay at her place for the weekend and crash on her plans, awesome right?ย I have not done a little getaway trip since arriving… Continue reading GC – SYD

Modest Modern Twist

If you are still apart of the high waisted trend, then girlfriend, you are behind. The high waisted look is and has been in full throttle for a few years now.ย I’m over it.ย Moving onto bigger and better things but wait. You don’t need to get rid of those shorts.. well maybe if you’re still into… Continue reading Modest Modern Twist


OOTD: Today I just was really not feeling about putting myself together, so I decided to wear my basic essentials from my minimalist wardobe. You can never go wrong when it comes to basics, it is such a comfy and simple look. Tank Top: Abercrombie & Fitch ( my shirt is inside out, just because)… Continue reading Basic.