All Will Be Well

Traveling can be a bit lonely for many various reasons. Recently, I had the opportunity to cross paths with a rad gal whom has heaps of commonalities with me. It was almost as if our paths were suppose to cross because how like-minded we are. It filled me with peace knowing I wasn't the only [...]


Daily Reminder

Day after day, night after night, breath after breath, literally it is a constant battle I have been having with myself since day 1. It is not just a surface level problem anymore it is affecting every part of my body, mind and spirit. Each day it feels as if something else is going to [...]

Peek-a-boo I do not want to see you.

If girls do not want those horrible knot in your throat, nasty comments from boys, donโ€™t dress so provocatively. Simple as that!! I giggle when I hear girls talking about how they want respect from guys, yet the way they talk, act and dress speaks other wise. Trust me, I know from experience. My mom [...]