Mother Nature

Everywhere I look, there’s something beautiful always popping out from somewhere. I cannot get over the astounding beauty here in New Zealand. I am currently in a small town on the south island, so this is just a snippet of what mother nature has to offer.

Check it out (:

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  • Clearly, this last photo is not a flower nor plant but I stumbled upon this beauty on a evening walk and had to capture it. This will be my winter house. or whatever the kids say these days, #housegoals.

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  • && this photo was actually right above Queenstown. Which also was featured on the air New Zealand, that you can check out here. I’m going to brag a bit hehe, since I’ve never had a photo of mine featured before. It’s a beaut for sure!

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Go Green

Fabrics are what usually get me, since I am a touchy-feely kind of person. On a deeper level, leathers and suedes make me weak in the knees. Seriously. 

My dear friend and fabulous photographer who shot this photoshoot, decided why not go to a green house since the outfit seemed to tie perfectly with the colours… uh, ok. Never would have thought to collaborate with a green house, but wine not. I mean, why not. sorry it’s wine Tuesday. && spring is around the corner, perfect timing. 

Leathers and suedes can be tricky but also can be a tolerable look. Being sophisticated yet completely trendy at the same time. Specifically, these leather Olive leather shorts give me life. The bow-tie belt so cute! And the fact they’re not skin tight, they add some-what laid back tom-boy look as well.

My go-to faux suede jacket is obviously a win since it is a piece that can be paired with pretty much anything. Thus; a given.

But let’s talk about my sweatshirt. Me being almost Martha Stewart crafty, I decided to make the sweatshirt because WTHN? Why The heck Not? Easy enough, bought a solid colour sweatshirt, ironed on some letters and bam. A one-of-a-kind piece baby. Except for the ones I made for a few of my friends… haha so join the club!

As TopShop always comes through, they most definitely came through with these shoes. Acca-mazing. Yeah, I just went there. Super cute, super trendy and super fabulous, I mean come on. What’s not to like about these? (I hope you caught my sarcasm) but in all honesty, these booties are perfect to compliment my mix-match fabric blend look. PS. they’re very versatile too, so when in doubt… bootie it out!!


Jacket// ASTR

Sweatshirt// DIY


Shorts// Zara

Booties// TopShop



I Wake Up Wanting To Kiss You x.

Today I was introduced to yet, another adorable café. This one has even more character to its interior then the last one. There were plants inside pots hanging upside down, crates that were wall decor and this interesting exposed wood stump wall; with the cutest light up quote that I wanted to steal. I Wake Up Wanting To Kiss You x. Of course since coming to this new place, I was also planning on getting breakfast. I ordered the b’fast Acaí bowl and I am going to be honest, the picture looked better than the food… I was a little disappointed however, that will not ruin it for me to make another trip to this lovely café. On my way out, I noticed the outer walls with bushes hanging in boxes and below the boxed bushes were sentences spelt using scrabble game pieces. “Do more of what makes you happy” This place has to be the most incredibly crafty café I have ever been to. Well done Doubleshot!