Mother Nature

Everywhere I look, there's something beautiful always popping out from somewhere. I cannot get over the astoundingย beauty here in New Zealand. I am currently in a small town on the south island, so this is just a snippet of what mother nature has to offer. Check it out (: Clearly, this last photo is not [...]


Go Green

Fabrics are what usually get me, since I am a touchy-feely kind of person. On a deeper level, leathers and suedes make me weak in the knees. Seriously.ย  My dear friend and fabulous photographer who shot this photoshoot, decided why not go to a green house since the outfit seemed to tie perfectly with the [...]

I Wake Up Wanting To Kiss You x.

Today I was introduced to yet, another adorable cafรฉ. This one has even more character to its interior then the last one. There were plants inside pots hanging upside down, crates that were wall decor and this interesting exposed wood stump wall; with the cutest light up quote that I wanted to steal. I Wake [...]