Mother Nature

Everywhere I look, there's something beautiful always popping out from somewhere. I cannot get over the astounding beauty here in New Zealand. I am currently in a small town on the south island, so this is just a snippet of what mother nature has to offer. Check it out (: Clearly, this last photo is not [...]


Mornin’ Brekkie

My go-to anytime brekkie meal is hands down, avo on toast. YUM! I'm going to be honest, after the first time I tried Vegemite, I was not sold. However, I highly believe it's an acquired taste that I crave almost every am. Benefits of avo on toast w/ coconut oil:  Vegemite: RICH source in Vitamin B. Coconut [...]

Happy New Year!

Twenty Sixteen is right around the corner… how insane does that sound? I remember when 2010 hit, it was a catasrophy, is it said twenty-ten or two thousand-ten but that was 6 years ago. I cannot wrap my head around how fast the year has flown by. Every year cliché as it is, because it [...]