sniff sniff** Do you smell that? That's the smell of fresh kiwi coffee being brewed. whoosh*** Do you hear that? That's the sound of the low tide creeping up on the beach. crunch crunch*** Do you feel that? That's the sand thats still stuck in your shoes from the other weekend's play. This is what [...]

Rangi Adventure

According to heaps of Kiwi's and google, Rangitoto is a MUST-SEE place. Essentially, it is a island that is also a volcano (not active) The views were spectacular. The hike was, well not a hike but a great way to start the morning! There's no service, so it 's a wonderful getaway spot that is [...]

Viva La Mexico

Spontaneous trips are the best trips because they are filled with so much unknown. It causes me anxiety but theres a rush that I love that comes with the spontaneity act. I was invited to go the beautiful waters of Cancun. I've never been to Mexico, so I had no idea what to expect. Let [...]

It Is Well

The ocean, its all an unknown. We still don’t know ALL what’s in those great bodies of waters and we just may never know either. While being on an “island” for the past year, I only submerged twice in it. You’re thinking well that’s absurd. Yes, I do agree with you but only because I [...]