I have recently added the most comfortable little black dress to my wardrobe. Let me repeat myself, the most comfortable dress I believe I have ever purchased. It was one of those "I didn't even come here for that" purchase. I so happened to walk into one of my new fond favorite clothing stores, Glassons [...]


Day & Night

Playsuits bring my inner child out of me. You can go anywhere, whenever, while wearing a playsuit. Long pants, long sleeve, shorts or spaghetti strap, they have them in various designs for whatever season your little heart desires. I recently just found this beautiful blue playsuit at a boutique. That's the one main reason why [...]

Que Sera Sera

Fear, hurt, bitterness, comparison all comes from rejection. That is an issue for the majority of our population. We start to feel from being rejected and do everything possible to avoid that from happening again. I have been denied from a lot of schools and fashion opportunities in the past couple of years. I see [...]

Writers block… More like fashion block!

Decisions… decisions… decisions… prayer… prayer… prayer… Tis this season for a new season(fall) and also a new season of life. Lately I've been so consumed on fashion these past couple of weeks. Why? well, 1. It's NYFW & 2. College apps for spring 2015 are due October/November. However I am applying to FIT, which apps [...]