I found Kookai back when I first traveled to Australia. However, I just assumed it was an over-priced place for basics and moved on.

Recently, I made my way back when I found out they had one in Auckland! And now, I’m pretty much obsessed. When it comes to basics, you want them to last and look good even after those few washes. Majority of the fabric and tops at Kookai are Pima cotton, which essentially means they are extra-long staple cotton and allows stretch without losing shape. Lately, I have enjoyed getting to know the products I buy and where they come from. For more information on Kookai, take a peek here!

This Bella crop I recently purchased can testify to this! It’s the most comfortable piece in my closet. It’s incredibly versatile!

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My second purchase is this adorable off the shoulder top. It can be either a strapless or off the shoulder. The ruffles add such a chic touch to this basic. This particular piece is made out of 100% organic cotton which allows you to be cooler than the normal thick cotton.

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And of course, layering with crops are perfect so these tops can be used all season long.


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Vintage Treasures

When it comes to finding treasures, second-hand shops are the way to go my friend! Find these pieces in another place, it’s almost as if they are a box of secrets, since who knows what could be in them.

I was intended to go to a place called Paperbag Princess, however, on my way there I ran into another op shop called Bread and Butter. Talk about adorable! I found some sweet as deals here. My intention of finding a gift for myself, as in to have and to hold for forever was going to be achieved in this buy. I could feel it.

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I snooped around in the men’s section and BAM, it’s like the store god’s lead me here. Clearly, I snatched this piece because it was denim, I also thought it was going to be oversized since it was men’s and it was a size 12… however, it fit me just right. Cannot complain. Something that really stuck out to me tho was where it was made. Here in New Zealand. How fun is that??

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Then, just about being satisfied with my purchase, I stumbled upon the half off bin. I found a pair of vintage Lee jeans. I justified it and wanted to try them on for kicks. But of course, when you least expect I found the almost perfect pair of jeans. Not only do they fit my bum super good, they fit perfectly in the waist and length. Which NEVER HAPPENS. They are a bit big in the crotch area but Being half off and fitting almost to the T, I couldn’t pass up these up. There, I was satisfied with my purchases, moving on.

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My next stop and final stop was Paperbag princess. I had no intentions of purchasing anything since I already found some great treasures. I grazed up and down with just beautiful finds everywhere. Making my way to the back, I found a pair of colorful platform slip-ons. Being my hard to find size, those babies found a home instantly. I am not sure who designed them but I reckon by what the owner said it was a Japanese designer since it’s pretty typical to get those treasures there.

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PS. NZ is big into recycling and going green, so I really appreciated this store heaps.

At the end of this day, you could say I was a very happy camper. If you don’t opt shop, you should give it a try. I’ve found some of my best pieces there!



Ribbed Babe

Ah, suns out. Wait it’s still freezing… what the heck? Oh yeah, that’s spring time for ya in Auckland, unfortunately. However, with season change that means the swimmers are making an appearance as well as summer fashion. EEP!! It’s been a good while since I have had some vitamin D and my anticipation is at a high right now. These swimmers are testing me mate.

Anywho, let’s chat about what’s really important. Swimmers!! If you’re like me, petite with a bit more bust and bum, it’s quite hard to find a swimsuit that fits you properly. So if I ever stumble upon one, no matter the season, I snatch that puppy hot and quick. It’s basically finding a diamond in the rough. I found this adorable one piece from that new fav store I mentioned before, Glassons. They have a great swim line right now and not to mention the pieces are affordable as.


This piece is actually versatile surprisingly, but you know me and versatility. It makes me weak in the knees. I already had in mind to wear this even if I’m not submerging myself in the ocean because it’s that adorable. I’m a sucker for ribbed fabric and low backs. There’s something about a low back that is sexy with a touch of innocence.

We also cannot forget, that being at the ocean and the sun beaming out, sunnies are a must. I am also a sucker for sunnies. Designer, to cheap fun shades, I am all about that suns life.

I purchased both of these from a store here in Auckland. They were both 29$ and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I used to drool over those massive bug eye sunnies but now I am on the trendy train with circular and or shades that pop right half way on the bridge of your nose. Something very chic and mysterious about seeing the tops of your eyelids but not your full eye. Ugh.

FUN FACT: If you struggle with height, wearing a high cut one piece provides more extension to the legs, thus you are instantly taller. Also, purchasing patterns that go horizontally to provide more length in the torso which is flattering with a high cut hip.  






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Road Trip Remix

Over the weekend my friend and I decided to road trip to the west coast. We’ve been planning this trip for a few weeks now. And by planning, I mean no itinerary, just driving to our destination and going from there. I would not suggest that if you are in a foreign country and have high stress/anxiety levels. However, my little brain thought otherwise. I’m one of those people who likes to wing life but when it came to winging our weekend trip we could kiss our plans goodbye.

As we did, after numerous wrong turns (because of GPS), horrible co-pilot assistance (me) and just frustration from both parties. Plans were not green. They ended full stop red. We both anxiously still agreed we still needed to escape the city noise. Thus, we headed on the motor way driving towards the setting sun. 

Being outside, getting in higher elevation and stillness was officially on our itinerary.

We both come from being surrounded by mountains so closer to we can get to our happy place the better.

We ended up exploring this wee town off the motorway exit called Puhoi.

Pronounced: P00 – HOY.   

Then, found a foot path that led to a pretty cool view of vast green valleys that seemed to never end. Of course, we stopped to embrace our wet and humid surroundings with a slight trickle of rain no surprise, and also had a mini photoshoot none the less.

However, the real point to my story is the next part.

As I said earlier, we desperately needed to trade the loudness for crashing high tide waves. We ended up parking in a parking lot where you are allowed to sleep overnight. SCORE!

My friend and I could not be any more excited to finally get a taste of “camping”. It was really happening, we were actually going to camp and not just head home with frustration flowing out of our ears. We backed up to a front row seat to the ocean, popped the hatch and bam we were cool as some cucumbers.

What I have to say now is quite a metaphor for life. You take a few wrong turns or make some silly choices and it’s not what you wanted or what you even planned. However, instead of giving up and allowing life to win, you just have to stay head strong and keep going. Life gives you curve balls but instead of responding by whining and complaining, respond with an optimistic view: PLOT TWIST we are staying closer to town than desired BUT it all worked out because we have a beach front view for a night’s stay w/ some bloody good fish and chips. Even though we planned to drive heaps further out, and wanted to go somewhere more beautiful, we still were able to relax and get a change of scenery. Realize, that if it doesn’t happen now, it may just happen later when you’ll appreciate much more or whatever the reason may be. But I leave this with you. Please don’t give up. Don’t get sour if plans don’t follow, embrace the plot twist and smile. You’ll start to appreciate more in life, the big, the medium and the small.

Sleeping in the back of a car w/ and ocean front view and and and sweet as compnay.