I went on a wee stroll today to explore. During this stroll, I happen to come across that enchanted forest you always read about in fairytales. Well it could be the sister-forest... However, it was the most interesting set of trees I have ever seen. Sadly, I did not see Frodo Baggins, or any unicorns for that [...]



I just need to be blunt about this. Yes, life is about finding someone to spend it with but that’s not all life is about. Why is it that, a lot of writers pieces that I’ve been reading lately are about “how to” get your ex back, or “how to get make him fall in love [...]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Red rocks is a place that a lot of Coloradans, tourists, outdoorsy people, adventurous ones go to for a beautiful breathtaking view. You can get a hardcore work out done here, experience amazing ear throbbing concerts, embrace the beauty of what this state has to offer or for instance, the Denver skyline. Sometimes it's really [...]