All Will Be Well

Traveling can be a bit lonely for many various reasons. Recently, I had the opportunity to cross paths with a rad gal whom has heaps of commonalities with me. It was almost as if our paths were suppose to cross because how like-minded we are. It filled me with peace knowing I wasn't the only [...]


Short Simple and Sweet

I don't ever delete blogs or re-read them but this one particular one I felt I needed to redo. After reading my last blog I decided to make this short simple and sweet because that's how our world wants everything to be. with that being said; I complain a lot to myself about how I [...]

Out Of Shape

A few weeks ago I was running and noticed that I was pretty out of shape, which then, led to thoughts of “you’re fat, you’re weak, you’re not beautiful, etc…”. We’ve all been there, at least once. They kept repeating and repeating, then hit the place that counts the most, my heart. I believed it. [...]