Just Think About It

High end cars, money, naked girls, drunk guys, intentional  PDA post, the #goals photo… My brain is about to hit the snooze button as I lie in bed. All comfy and cozy in my sheets, with the fan on to create a cooler environment. But wait! I need to scroll through Instagram… because it’s out [...]


Titles, jobs, cars, designer brands, latest and greatest technology, etc etc. All good things! But, they also can be bad things as well. I look at majority of materialistic items as poison. Yes, they have their pro’s, don’t get me wrong however, idolatry, consumption and worth can become such a bloody major factor and without [...]

Help Me Help You, Help You Help Me

I am in a new season of life, which brings new directions thus leading to me NEEDING to sell majority of my belongings. Everything has been worn only once or is brand new. My clothes are in mint condition. Pay thru paypal or contacting me directly right here. Everything is true to size. No returns [...]

The Struggle is STILL real.

The struggle was real around this time last year and is still full throttle real right now on this day, in this moment, during this second of time. I wanted to post this a few weeks ago to do an update about a year change and how different life would be, how I would be [...]

Let’s Get Real.

Warning: Usage of foul language occurs. I wanted to correct my vocabulary but that would be sugar-coating my words and that's not what really happened. I let go and as upsetting it maybe to write these words, I said them so I feel I need to type them. Please excuse my french.   “Fuck this. Fuck you God. [...]