Just Think About It

High end cars, money, naked girls, drunk guys, intentional  PDA post, the #goals photo… My brain is about to hit the snooze button as I lie in bed. All comfy and cozy in my sheets, with the fan on to create a cooler environment. But wait! I need to scroll through Instagram… because it’s out [...]


Time Is Now!

The time is NOW!! You know, carpe diem. YOLO. You know all the “life is short” mottos. To be honest, they’re cheesy. They are cheesy because they are true. The time is now my friend, to use your time wisely of whatever season you are in. Specifically speaking if you’re in a very quiet and [...]

It Is Well

The ocean, its all an unknown. We still don’t know ALL what’s in those great bodies of waters and we just may never know either. While being on an “island” for the past year, I only submerged twice in it. You’re thinking well that’s absurd. Yes, I do agree with you but only because I [...]

Expectations and Reality.

When I was younger, I was told to not have expectations for others because everyone will let you down at some point. Then there’s the Golden rule: treat others how you would like to be treated. I consciously started doing that more, yet I received nothing in return. When that was happening, I was so [...]