Own It

No, I do not have broken arms and yes, my shirt is on backwards but that’s fashion right? Weird stuff, HA. HA. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a photo on Tumblr and became very inspired to try this look! However, I cannot show you the original photo since I never was able to find it ever again… but anyway.

Sometimes, it feels goofy wearing this specific style blouse, and you get those “what the heck looks” but own girl, OWN IT.

This look is so chic!! It’s fun because it’s not your typical blouse, so it spices up that full button up blouse you only know how to wear one-way. Adding a bold necklace can also add heaps of creativity to this whole “new-way” outfit.

You’re welcome, in a “Sadie Saxton voice”!!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

  • Top: Sportsgirl (AUS)
  • Shorts: Thrifted denim pants
  • Necklace: n/a
  • Sunnies: Free people
  • Sandals: BCBG




& Here’s To Another

When it comes to expressing myself I tend to do with tattoos, fashion, hairstyles and piercings. Recently I just added two more tattoos but what I did today was something I’ve wanting for years! I finally did it. I double pierced my forward helix. 

This has been a long time coming for me!

On another note, I have never been to a professional piercer, so this was a first for me and that’s what I want to touch base on.

I never think to write reviews on yelp or go beyond my needs to speak about places until now. Having never been to a parlour, I was just expecting the generic “welcome in, sign papers, pinch, scream, in and out.”

Brian on the other hand, owner of Sage Piercing which I found through connections, is phenomenal and might I also add, I hardly use that word to express myself for others behalf. First off, you walk into his place and it’s super relaxed, very clean and warm especially on a cold winter’s day like today. I, then, was greeted by Brian himself with such a pleasant positive attitude. Politely asked me what I wanted then we went over details, filled out paper work and then he worked his magic. I told him I never have been to a piercer myself, since I shamelessly pierced my others by myself… with my mum’s sewing needle… oops.

thanks mum!

He then proceeded to fill me in with very appreciated answers to all my questions I had. The one thing that really caught my attention and made me appreciate coming to him even more, were his answers. They were thought out because he knew what he was talking about. Brian called himself a snob but it oozed such confidence which put me even at more ease. I truly did appreciate the lengthy answers only because it wasn’t just a simple “well every body is different.” He would go beyond that and talk about different nerve endings that are in the cartilage, the types of salts I should use and what applicator as well. I was very impressed and had no hesitation or doubt in my mind that this whole situation would be sketchy. Also, the person whom referred me I know would not put me in that position, so that was a plus as well.


With that, Brian was over all extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Sage for anyone in the need or want of piercings, high quality and well priced body jewellery.

Stay warm my darlings!


When In Doubt…

When in doubt, leather pants. They are the perfect pants for fall time, especially when wanting to dress up and not try. I definetely think my style is all about effortlessly chic when it comes down to it. The more lazy the more chic. Maybe? 

I also am in love with my top I have on. It’s fleece, so I can wear it for snowboarding and for a night out with my gals. It keeps me warm wether I am near a fire place or not. Best of both worlds, is key! PS. not sure if you noticed or not but my BOMBER is part of my fall series fav jackets, see how versatile this jacket is. It’s an essenetial for your wardrobe.






I love my job. I love it so much because I get to wear cute clothes; given and allow my creative juices to flow whenever I want. There is a standard, yes, but for the most part I always get to add a touch of my own taste. I wanted to give this dress another hit before it gets put away since it’s a little too warm to wear around now, or come the next couple of weeks. Before, I did just wear the dress alone but I really wanted to spice it up this time and add something else that wasn’t jewellery. One word, LAYERS. If you’ve read my blogs in the past, layers are my thing!

Adding this texturised Navy Blue shirt really changes up this whole dress. Despite it is a dressier dress, shoes or an accessory can change a WHOLE outfit. This lace top gives it a more casual every-day wear look. I did pair it with some nude pumps this time but I couldn’t bloody stand the whole day on the floor with these babies, so I decided to wear my other shoes I brought and pair it with tight socks to give it an even more edgier look. A similar look I like to call; Edgy-prep. These patent leather shoes are my go-to shoes to dress up any look but yet be so completely comfy. The heels add a more polished look and the loafers add a casual- tailored look. Either way, they both work!

My overall message is: You don’t always need jewellery, accessories, etc to add ambiance for an outfit, add layers or something you usually wouldn’t do because you just then created a original outfit, perfect hey?

  • Dress: Ann Taylor
  • Top: H&M
  • Heels: BCBG
  • Loafers: Tony Bianco (australia)
  • Bracelet: Ann Taylor
  • Glasses: DSquared
  • Tight socks: Kate Spade