Houston We Have A Problem

It seems to be the end of the world for some. Houses are being washed away, flooding beyond belief, losing literally everything all the way down to memories. The natural feeling of panic is at its peak. Damage and distress seems to be all over in our country but more so specifically speaking about Houston. I cannot even imagine going one day from being ok to bam, everything is gone. That too would cause massive amounts of stress to any human. It’s out of your control and it’s a life or death situation, I can empathize in all ways.

After keeping a close watch of the news, and various stories being published, it just seemed like nothing but chaos in Houston. People are now in full panic mode and scared beyond belief. However, I had a completely random thought that may sound like I am crazy or stupid, but it’s for the most insensible non-confusing way I think. If that even made sense.

Instead of being in full panic-mode, what if we tried to stop, look and listen during this time of distress. Yes, there is a bloody hurricane going on, I am well aware of that. However, for whatever reason being, it seems to make sense in such a tangible way. Jesus asks us to cast all our cares on Him because He cares. To run to Him when we are in distress. When it comes to mother nature taking her course, it’s so hard to understand and blame her. She’s just doing what she is called to do. As believers, we are called to peace, we are called to run to our Father in every need. I just wonder what it would be like to be in Houston, and instead of panicking, seriously stop whatever you are doing (hopefully you’re somewhere safe) look around where you are and just listen. Be still, be still and know that you are alive. You are safe, you are protected. Truly listen in the middle of distress. You are in the eye of the storm right now, surrounded but what seems to be hell on earth. Panicking only makes it worse, physically and mentally. So instead of doing what everyone else is doing, try to take a moment and just be still. Be still and know. Know that you are loved, you are cherished, you are protected, you are loved, you are cared for and you are going to be ok. In whatever way

Truly listen though. All in this middle of distress. You are in the eye of the storm right now, surrounded but what seems to be hell on earth. Panicking only makes it worse, physically and mentally. So instead of doing what everyone else is doing, try to take a moment and just be still. Be still and know. Know that you are loved, you are cherished, you are protected, you are loved, you are cared for and you are going to be ok, in whatever way being ok means.

Stay strong Houston.


Globe Trotting

You know what get’s me hyped?? Life. 

Life has so much to offer. The beauty, massive different cultural lifestyles, opportunities, relationships, experiences, etc etc. I could go on forever but let’s just leave it at that.

We all have free will by the grace of God. With that, comes many skin-rising choices whether we see them as good or bad they are choices that will direct us to the next destination. Having a personal relationship with Jesus and just believing in His goodness is all about faith. Without faith, it’s nothing. But with the great gift of the Holy Spirit that is provided when declaring your faith in Jesus, provision is available when it comes to needing clarity or direction in that next step.

I used to live my relationship with Jesus in a way of “ok God, where do you want me to go, what do you want me to do?” Expecting that big audible voice to say “Go here, Go there.” Well, in my life, I have not heard Him like that ever, unless I was too in my world… that’s completely off topic, Anywho!

What I am trying to get at is, yes, this life is great! However, it’s not necessarily about our benefit and our happiness. It’s about growing the kingdom of God and to be alive when the world considers us “dead.” Hear me out though, there are times we should be selfish and be focused on our own being to grow more fruitfully each day. I have hardly ever allowed myself to be selfish in that sense and it’s not healthy. Good thing, I have a much better understanding about Jesus and His goodness && about His will and not mine. God gave us free will to do what we want. Despite whether we see it as “good” or “bad”, that choice will still allow us to continue on the path of the Lord’s great will that He has had planned for us since the beginning. I am beyond thrilled to be in this mindset and place in life to take an opportunity that has presented itself and take it by a huge leap of faith. Even though some may disagree with it and some do not see the benefit of it, there will always be learning opportunities, opening and closing doors, etc. Jesus will still provide for me, love me, never leave me and just be with me no matter where I decide to reside. Internationally or domestically, He is there! He is still proud of my decisions despite how awful and selfish they may be to the human eye. I believe since there has been a lot of prayer, seeking and just flat out faith that’s what He really enjoys. The fact is, I am making a leap of faith into the unknown and just truly trusting Him. It’s so challenging, and just simply so life-giving, I obviously could not miss this chance.

So here’s to new adventures, new opportunities, new friends, new doors, closed doors, and just growing my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father!! WOOHOO!

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Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas

This year, Christmas is going to be different. In my last blog, I touched on the topic how it’s going to be different in the way of being alone and not being surrounded by family and or loved ones. It’s really been an opportunity of understanding and reality check of what the REAL season is truly about, since I myself easily get caught up in the ways of this world.

Yes, it’s tradition to spend it with family and or loved ones as said but sometimes it doesn’t happen the way you always want it to happen and that’s ok. It’s not ok for other reasons but I hope you can understand the surface level of why I am saying it’s ok. Time and truth tell all.

What time and truth is telling me right now is I need to truly truly focus on the REAL reason for the season. It’s about going beyond the world’s traditions and expectations and embracing the beauty and significance in this specific day.

The Savior and Creator of this world was BORN!

How marvelous?

How scandalous?

How beautiful?

Just how. . . ?


This is the next most significant day in our world. I could not be more grateful for something like this


It’s hard to put into words in how I can express my feelings towards this sacrifice… but at the same time, if I knew how to describe that feeling we wouldn’t need Jesus because it would be complete satisfaction. So then what would be the point? That’s a blog for a different time, but for now Sierra, stay on topic.

I grew up in a pretty modest home when it came to holidays. Presents were not entirely present, pun intended. Being a young child, it’s hard to not compare what others received during those special times and it’s hard not to be envious. I didn’t know or really could comprehend the “real” meaning since it was during a time of “everything is about me”.

Now I am in my 20-somethings. I have a pretty good understanding of how significant this holiday is, in a more in-depth spiritual, mental and physical sense. It’s cheesy only because it’s true but that is the GREATEST gift we could have received as humans. A savior, a baby boy, a hand that heals all, a man who can do miracles, an unconditional lover, a best friend that goes around for everyone.

We all yearn for that best friend, we all yearn for that love, and we all yearn for that satisfaction. If you didn’t know, I want to be the first than, to share the good news. You can get a taste of that! You can experience that, and have an understanding of that, from Christ, Himself. He is the alpha, the omega, the beginning and the end. The Messiah. The one who has and is to come. Think about that one gift you want this year. That one gift that oh you NEED and WANT oh so badly. That one gift you can’t live without. That one gift that will keep you entertained for let’s say a good month, that’s pushing it… so now, multiple that by infinity times eternity.

That’s Jesus. That’s a pretty cool gift, huh? One thing about that gift, He will never get boring, you’ll never forget about Him because once you are a child of God, He will make Himself known!

This Christmas, enjoy the family time, enjoy the gift exchanges and or gifts, and please enjoy the holiday Joy. BUT if you haven’t given a good think into the real reason for this holiday, you may just want to try and think this year… your Christmas reasoning may forever be changed in the most life-giving (literally) possible way.

Merry CHRIStmas and Happy Holidays my sweet sweet friends!!

With extra extra LOVE from me to you,


When In Doubt pt. 1

Do you ever pray with hopes it is answered but you have that sliver of a doubt in your mind that Jesus may just hear it and that’s it? Well you’re not alone! I’ve been there, the next person has been there and it will always be there, the doubt that is. It’s our nature, it’s the problem from being in a broken world crawling with sin.

However, that’s another blog for a different time.

When the Lord works in my life, it always seems to repetitive. Anytime He wants my attention, it’s over and over and over again. But I actually want to talk about the first incident that happened which comes with a part two.

Part one happened during the summer time while tubbing with some friends.

Long story short, my sweet sweet hilarious friend had a waterproof case for her phone which held all her cards wrapped around her neck… You can probably guess what happened next. Nope, well keep reading.

We were tubbing and all of a sudden without realization my friend’s phone case that was tightly wrapped around her neck somehow slipped off her neck when she went under the current. Panic, frustration, anger and concern consumed my friends mind. I could tell by her tone and facial features. Oddly enough, I had no similar feelings. I was cool as a cucumber with some annoyance because we were about to leave at that point. Remind you, we had just our swimsuits on. Everything was locked in her car… Great!!

We all asked for help, searched in the water but by how much time has passed someone said that sucker is gone, probably at the brewery by now. In that moment I decided to pray. It may seem silly, only because we think we need to pray for big things, but actually when in doubt we should pray it out. No matter how big or how small.

I specifically prayed for the phone to be found, not damaged and everything be in place.

We decided to walk back up to our spot where we first lost it. By this time, majority of the crowd around knew we were on a hunt, to find a hit a hot pink case, you couldn’t even miss from a mile away. As we walked up and looked around, a big group of rowdy boys came flying down the river and went under where we went under as well…. One guy came up and screamed “IS THIS WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.”

I kid you not. God works in the most craziest, obscured, yet beautiful ways. In that moment, myself and everyone around me couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We swam in that exact area, looked and dove all around in that exact place and found nothing. But it so happened this guy had the string get caught on his ankle and secured it to the surface when he came up from being tossed by the water.

Moments like that really can’t test your faith. In a good way rather than bad, I think. When you come across something that’s so hard to explain and so hard to understand, that’s when you truly know it’s God. Why? He’s unexplainable. We cannot comprehend Him. And it’s also trusting by faith that it was Him and not a coincidence.

Thank you Jesus for your constant provision even when unbelief is well-known. You’re a good good Father. Thank you!!!