Road Trip Remix

Over the weekend my friend and I decided to road trip to the west coast. Weโ€™ve been planning this trip for a few weeks now. And by planning, I mean no itinerary, just driving to our destination and going from there. I would not suggest that if you are in a foreign country and have [...]


All Will Be Well

Traveling can be a bit lonely for many various reasons. Recently, I had the opportunity to cross paths with a rad gal whom has heaps of commonalities with me. It was almost as if our paths were suppose to cross because how like-minded we are. It filled me with peace knowing I wasn't the only [...]

Moving On

You have no idea the anxiety I am getting just thinking about this shit. I am so embarrassed to share this information because my ego is like โ€œSierra, come on that happened years ago, get over it.โ€ Ugh, I hate this but I know I need to do this. Majority of us know what high [...]

Lucky Number 16

Over the past years my inner goddess could not be tamed. She wanted to let her freak flab fly before the ball dropped and by a blink of an eye a new year has already begun. Well, as the years go by I am more mature now (thank God, literally) with my choices. With a [...]