Ribbed Babe

Ah, suns out. Wait it’s still freezing… what the heck? Oh yeah, that’s spring time for ya in Auckland, unfortunately. However, with season change that means the swimmers are making an appearance as well as summer fashion. EEP!! It’s been a good while since I have had some vitamin D and my anticipation is at a high right now. These swimmers are testing me mate.

Anywho, let’s chat about what’s really important. Swimmers!! If you’re like me, petite with a bit more bust and bum, it’s quite hard to find a swimsuit that fits you properly. So if I ever stumble upon one, no matter the season, I snatch that puppy hot and quick. It’s basically finding a diamond in the rough. I found this adorable one piece from that new fav store I mentioned before, Glassons. They have a great swim line right now and not to mention the pieces are affordable as.


This piece is actually versatile surprisingly, but you know me and versatility. It makes me weak in the knees. I already had in mind to wear this even if I’m not submerging myself in the ocean because it’s that adorable. I’m a sucker for ribbed fabric and low backs. There’s something about a low back that is sexy with a touch of innocence.

We also cannot forget, that being at the ocean and the sun beaming out, sunnies are a must. I am also a sucker for sunnies. Designer, to cheap fun shades, I am all about that suns life.

I purchased both of these from a store here in Auckland. They were both 29$ and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I used to drool over those massive bug eye sunnies but now I am on the trendy train with circular and or shades that pop right half way on the bridge of your nose. Something very chic and mysterious about seeing the tops of your eyelids but not your full eye. Ugh.

FUN FACT: If you struggle with height, wearing a high cut one piece provides more extension to the legs, thus you are instantly taller. Also, purchasing patterns that go horizontally to provide more length in the torso which is flattering with a high cut hip.  






Here are some similar pieces: 

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Purple Orchid 

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Olive Green

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Basic Babe

As I am preparing for my upcoming move/adventure I am challenging myself to pack a little as possible.

I am bringing 2 backpacks. One for my computer and essentials. Then, the other one is a 44L for clothes and shoes. LET’S DO THIS!

I have been inspired in one of Lauren Conrad’s books about travel. She spoke about how traveling overseas and in the country to never pack anything you wouldn’t want to loose. That cuts down my leftovers of what I didn’t sell in closet to probably about 2 items, haha but seriously. Since this is going to challenge myself to pack light and only what I need, I figured basic were the way to go.

Forever21 has cute and affordable basics, so I couldn’t have done better because if my backpack was left somewhere or stolen, I am not loosing heaps of money. However, I hope this will not be the case though! Preparation is always key.

I found a few tops that are very versatile thus, lighter the backpack will be, yassss!!!

You can check these cute little tank crops here. && this adorable Velvet crop here, as well.

I wanted to stick to pretty neutral colors, that way I can dress them up and down no matter what. I also wanted a nice dressier shirt that way I don’t have too rely on jewelry every day. Jewelry weighs a lot so, less jewelry the better. No matter what though, basic tops are always a go-to for any look. Cotton is easy to dress up, so from day to night, you’re set babe!


to be continued…



Hoodie Dress

It’s the time of the month, you’ve ate too many chips, you skipped your workout by a week or you’re incredibly dehydrated. Either way, those pants are not going on, not even if you criscoed the inner jean lining. It’s not happening friend! I have the ultimate solution that will hide that food belly because you could not resist that whole loaf of appetiser bread at dinner. Two words 

Sweater Dress. *insert angel voices ahhing*

This has to be possibly the most genius pieces ever known to man-kind, could be a tad exaggeration however, let’s go with it.

A sweater dress is offically a must-have in your wardrobe for all season long. Whether it’s a dinner date, a girls night in, a trip to the shops, etc this versatile piece of clothing will allow you to dance your pants off whenever and wherever. This specific hoodie dress is so chic. The floral adds such a girly, jewellery is minimal for this outfit. For you momma’s out there, I know the last thing you want is to have all your necklaces be snatched off by those cute little babe hands. This is also perfect for last minute outfit choices too. If all else fails, forget the all black outfit you’ve been wearing all week, pop this dress on and you’re set.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


When the seasons change you can pair it with tights, jeans or even a maxi skirt. But since its beautiful weather, I decided to soak it up and wear it as a dress paired with my street runners since today is errand day. The less hassle, the better. RubyClaireBoutique was so kind to send me this piece and I instantly knew this would be a forever piece once I saw it. If you want a better description you can check that out here.

Below I will have a binge or bargain so you can get so more ideas of what is out there!

Hoodie Dress: Binge – Bargain   Runners: Binge Bargin





Labels pt.1

Givenchy, Louis Vutton, Chanel, Celine, Prada, these are brands majority of us know or have heard of. Target, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Forever21, they all ring a bell too? From $1000 to $100 it all comes down to quality and labels. I get the quality but why is the labels that matter the most? Why spend a car’s worth on a purse when you could get a replica but with a Target or Nordstrom label? Why spend thousands of dollars on something that could maybe be used once because it’s too expensive to get dirty again? I understand the whole quality over quantity and I am all for that… to a certain extent. However, when it comes to getting use out of something and being smart, labels shouldn’t be an issue.

When purchasing high-end brands, do they make you a better person, do they make you happier, and do they bring purpose or use to your every day life? I always wanted to know what makes someone purchase something that is unbelievable expensive? What makes the price of the product, the name? The fabric? The material? Does it make you happy? If so, is it a temporary feeling until you buy something else to replace it or is it a long-term feeling? What causes the butterflies in your stomach the simple or the extravagant? Do they make you grin from ear to ear because you know some of the celebrities have that latest and greatest piece? If so, why does the celebrity make the piece? Shouldn’t it be the designer, since they are the one who designed it? Why not buy it because of them, not because of who has worn it, purchased it or touched it? When purchasing an designer item in the price range it is in, you should know more than just how to say the label name. It should be an investment piece to the point where you know what’s behind the label.

To be continued…