Mother Nature

Everywhere I look, there’s something beautiful always popping out from somewhere. I cannot get over the astounding beauty here in New Zealand. I am currently in a small town on the south island, so this is just a snippet of what mother nature has to offer.

Check it out (:

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  • Clearly, this last photo is not a flower nor plant but I stumbled upon this beauty on a evening walk and had to capture it. This will be my winter house. or whatever the kids say these days, #housegoals.

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  • && this photo was actually right above Queenstown. Which also was featured on the air New Zealand, that you can check out here. I’m going to brag a bit hehe, since I’ve never had a photo of mine featured before. It’s a beaut for sure!

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From: Secret Admirer? Stalker? Boyfriend?

To whom this may concern: I woke up this morning and was told to go to check my front door. I awkwardly went to go check it because I had no clue what I was looking for. FLOWERS, CHOCOLATE and A LETTER!!! I kid you not, I was seriously so blown away. Last night I was hardcore praying(late night thoughts category for feedback on prayer) to be shown I was loved, cared and thought about. Jesus definitely did hear me (: He totally knows how to make someones week!! They were actually from a really close friend of mine. Those are the kind of people you need in your life, when they surprise you with kind gestures like that. As my friend said: “Every girl deserves flowers once in awhile”. So true! I was actually going to go to sprouts today and my favorite flowers; sunflowers, but someone already did that for me! I am most definitely feeling all those feeling I was praying about.

p.s Also a great gift for christmas: flowers, letter or chocolate. If that person doesn’t really want anything, those are some simple thoughtful gifts.

Happy Holidays (:


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