Hello, It’s Me

Greetings and salutations friends,

My name is Sierra-Joy for those of whom do not know my real name. I am the gal behind BigCityDreamer, aka bcitydreamer aka, BCD. If you are wondering what the significance of the name is, do let me explain. I love any city environment; thus BCD was created.

Let the vulnerability begin:

– Surface level questions and answers are my PET PEEVE.

-I basically learned how to walk from skiing, then right after switched to shredding. side note, I regret listening to others, or else I would be pro.

-I  have a massive love for photography. Anything and everything, I love capturing moments.

-I’ve always had a hard time with speech but recently it’s been bad, so social anxiety is kind of a thing now… adding yet another thing to “what’s wrong with Sierra” list. LOLZ.

-Grey is my favorite color because black, is well, black and white is just asking to get dirty, so grey it is.

-I am 25% Japanese and really effing proud of it.

-Singing is my jam, get it… so are puns.

-I am extremely competitive.

-I am an adrenaline babe.

-It takes me a bit to get scared but I hate surprises… hmm ironic?

-Long evening walks are my thing, especially on beaches.-Jesus is my savior.

-Jesus is my savior but other religions/faiths fascinate me.

-Podcasts, period.

-One day I want to be married, adopt a few kids and have a massive home that can host people who are in need of the basic essentials.

-I’ve never had a proper boyfriend/been in love.

-Matured quickly thus, didn’t really have a childhood.

-Grew up in a household w/o TV so had to be creative from the start.

-I hate stuff. If you don’t use it, get rid of it.

-I’m allergic to alcohol but do not get affected by tequila. Shots anyone?

-I strongly dislike social media

-This kiwi lifestyle has made me prone to swearing.

-Anything outdoors lets go.

-I’m turning 23 in two months and am thinking I’ll have my mid-life crisis sooner rather than later. Oh, yah did I mention, I really don’t like birthdays or holidays for that matter.

-The more I get comfortable, the louder I am. Ok fine, I’m just a loud person.

-I am EXTREMELY sarcastic.

-Call me at 3am, ill listen.

-Quit uni after my second year and two years later, I’m going back for my teaching degree, then masters.

-Professional people watcher should be added to my resume.

-People drive me nuts.

-Oh yeah, I forgot to mention as well, I love fashion.

Ok, that’s a lot… but it makes up for the fact I answered in short responses. Essentially it would’ve been this long otherwise.

Here’s a snippet of the other side of my fashionista self. Hope this helps you get to know me a tad better and if you can relate, rock on.







I found Kookai back when I first traveled to Australia. However, I just assumed it was an over-priced place for basics and moved on.

Recently, I made my way back when I found out they had one in Auckland! And now, I’m pretty much obsessed. When it comes to basics, you want them to last and look good even after those few washes. Majority of the fabric and tops at Kookai are Pima cotton, which essentially means they are extra-long staple cotton and allows stretch without losing shape. Lately, I have enjoyed getting to know the products I buy and where they come from. For more information on Kookai, take a peek here!

This Bella crop I recently purchased can testify to this! It’s the most comfortable piece in my closet. It’s incredibly versatile!

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My second purchase is this adorable off the shoulder top. It can be either a strapless or off the shoulder. The ruffles add such a chic touch to this basic. This particular piece is made out of 100% organic cotton which allows you to be cooler than the normal thick cotton.

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And of course, layering with crops are perfect so these tops can be used all season long.


Shop similar:

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Vintage Treasures

When it comes to finding treasures, second-hand shops are the way to go my friend! Find these pieces in another place, it’s almost as if they are a box of secrets, since who knows what could be in them.

I was intended to go to a place called Paperbag Princess, however, on my way there I ran into another op shop called Bread and Butter. Talk about adorable! I found some sweet as deals here. My intention of finding a gift for myself, as in to have and to hold for forever was going to be achieved in this buy. I could feel it.

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I snooped around in the men’s section and BAM, it’s like the store god’s lead me here. Clearly, I snatched this piece because it was denim, I also thought it was going to be oversized since it was men’s and it was a size 12… however, it fit me just right. Cannot complain. Something that really stuck out to me tho was where it was made. Here in New Zealand. How fun is that??

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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Then, just about being satisfied with my purchase, I stumbled upon the half off bin. I found a pair of vintage Lee jeans. I justified it and wanted to try them on for kicks. But of course, when you least expect I found the almost perfect pair of jeans. Not only do they fit my bum super good, they fit perfectly in the waist and length. Which NEVER HAPPENS. They are a bit big in the crotch area but Being half off and fitting almost to the T, I couldn’t pass up these up. There, I was satisfied with my purchases, moving on.

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My next stop and final stop was Paperbag princess. I had no intentions of purchasing anything since I already found some great treasures. I grazed up and down with just beautiful finds everywhere. Making my way to the back, I found a pair of colorful platform slip-ons. Being my hard to find size, those babies found a home instantly. I am not sure who designed them but I reckon by what the owner said it was a Japanese designer since it’s pretty typical to get those treasures there.

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PS. NZ is big into recycling and going green, so I really appreciated this store heaps.

At the end of this day, you could say I was a very happy camper. If you don’t opt shop, you should give it a try. I’ve found some of my best pieces there!



Bikini Babe

Winters attire is going to consist of bikinis, bikinis and oh yeah, bikinis.

When it comes to finding proper fitting swimsuits, that’s a job in itself but when I find one that actually fits, that’s a job and a dream come true. The struggle is real. 

Thank goodness to my go-to store, Glassons provide the cutest swimwear collection. It’s bloody affordable and designs are beautiful.

I decided to go with an underwire look, aka looks like a bra, only because that’s the only type of style that fit my body type properly. I am smaller in the rib cage and a bit bigger in the bust, so the fact I found a swimsuit that I do not need to tailor I’m over the moon. I am also pumped about this suit because of its colour. If you don’t know, you know now. I am a sucker for grey. It’s the new black in my wardrobe, so once I saw that suit, instantly had a connection. There’s no padding, it could easily be passed for underwear but it’s the 21st century I guess anything goes, right? Also, the back does not tie, it’s a clasp so that means it will hold no matter how hard a wave hits you.

The bottoms are fabulous fitting. I am not a fan of the thong swimsuits or the full coverage, I like the in-between. A little bit playful and cheeky. Another small detail is that these bottoms are almost like no-show victoria secret underwear. You can hardly see the lining of them, so honestly, this could be an underwear set if you’ve skipped laundry day!!

  • Top: 19.99$
  • Bottoms: 16.99$

Glassons has a sale right now for swimwear, 2 for 30$. So get it while you can!! Apparently, these are the hot commodity. You can find my swimsuit right here.




Cheers to my beach bunnies!