Zara will always have a space in my closet, if not the whole closet. One day... Iย love anything that is from Zara or inspired by Zara. The pieces that are made and shown in each collection are stunning. From the basics, to the wacky pieces, Zara is truly fashion to the less fortunate haha just [...]



Lately, I have really been all about that cozy look. It's been quite comfy per my new lifestyle. It's very chilled a laid back here in NZ. With that, the over obnoxious looks, can be really too obnoxious. So I've really been enjoying this minimalistic versatile wardrobe. If you follow me on my insta, which [...]

Thigh High

Fall is the best time for pumpkin patches, sweaters and most importantlyย thigh highย socks, tights and or boots. Socks would have to be my favourite though, just because you can do so much with them, i.e. layer over pants, tights and pair them with that favourite skirt, as I did. I was really skeptical at first [...]

Under The Weather

Lately, I have been pushing it too hard and now my body hates me. I woke up this morning with pain all over and a massive sore throat. Even though I usually donโ€™t try when it comes to getting ready. Today I did not try at all. I felt disgusting and may have sounded/looked disgusting [...]