Own It

No, I do not have broken arms and yes, my shirt is on backwards but that’s fashion right? Weird stuff, HA. HA. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a photo on Tumblr and became very inspired to try this look! However, I cannot show you the original photo since I never was able to find it ever again… but anyway.

Sometimes, it feels goofy wearing this specific style blouse, and you get those “what the heck looks” but own girl, OWN IT.

This look is so chic!! It’s fun because it’s not your typical blouse, so it spices up that full button up blouse you only know how to wear one-way. Adding a bold necklace can also add heaps of creativity to this whole “new-way” outfit.

You’re welcome, in a “Sadie Saxton voice”!!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

  • Top: Sportsgirl (AUS)
  • Shorts: Thrifted denim pants
  • Necklace: n/a
  • Sunnies: Free people
  • Sandals: BCBG




Go Green

Fabrics are what usually get me, since I am a touchy-feely kind of person. On a deeper level, leathers and suedes make me weak in the knees. Seriously. 

My dear friend and fabulous photographer who shot this photoshoot, decided why not go to a green house since the outfit seemed to tie perfectly with the colours… uh, ok. Never would have thought to collaborate with a green house, but wine not. I mean, why not. sorry it’s wine Tuesday. && spring is around the corner, perfect timing. 

Leathers and suedes can be tricky but also can be a tolerable look. Being sophisticated yet completely trendy at the same time. Specifically, these leather Olive leather shorts give me life. The bow-tie belt so cute! And the fact they’re not skin tight, they add some-what laid back tom-boy look as well.

My go-to faux suede jacket is obviously a win since it is a piece that can be paired with pretty much anything. Thus; a given.

But let’s talk about my sweatshirt. Me being almost Martha Stewart crafty, I decided to make the sweatshirt because WTHN? Why The heck Not? Easy enough, bought a solid colour sweatshirt, ironed on some letters and bam. A one-of-a-kind piece baby. Except for the ones I made for a few of my friends… haha so join the club!

As TopShop always comes through, they most definitely came through with these shoes. Acca-mazing. Yeah, I just went there. Super cute, super trendy and super fabulous, I mean come on. What’s not to like about these? (I hope you caught my sarcasm) but in all honesty, these booties are perfect to compliment my mix-match fabric blend look. PS. they’re very versatile too, so when in doubt… bootie it out!!


Jacket// ASTR

Sweatshirt// DIY


Shorts// Zara

Booties// TopShop



Sweater Sunday

As I continue my obsession with sweaters, my NYTT sweater is my most favourite piece. The continuous softness feel it has after every clean, it’s impeccable. Big words are being thrown ya’ll, that’s how amazing this jumper is.

Sunday’s are my low-key days. If I am not at church, or working, I am in bed sleeping. Sabbath day ya dig? I will take my 7th day to R&R people. Since I was working on this fine Farmer’s day Sunday morning, I decided to feel as if I were still in bed, but not. You can never say no to BF jeans either. The effortlessly chic style these pants do are GOLDEN. With the sweater for my top, it was game over for being uncomfortable. Clothes can honestly do wonder to your mood… it’s a proven fact. I may have looked alive today but deep down, I wasn’t.

Here’s to late nights. 

Low-key means low-key for me. Minimal fashion cramps, and by cramps I mean still have feeling in my feet after a days work. I was thinking smart today and paired my outfit with some snazzy faux snake skin slip-ons. BAM. This outfit went from ehh, to Hello Gorgeous. Shoes can also do a number on an outfit as well. Today I was looking for the least painful way to look beautiful, so flats will be your best friend for that decision.

I posted a blog a few days ago on beanies and how you can look babe-alicious in them. Well, same goes for floppy hats. OR if you’re like me, having bed head, these babies will too be your best friend.

Side note: I am sensing a pattern here. Clothes will always be there for you and no matter what you will look fabulous. They will always have your back(in this case body) && they can be transformed into whatever style you need. 3 Cheers for Clothes! 

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PS. a little fun fact, when it comes to chokers, I decided instead of purchasing a 50$ choker, why not make one? It’s so easy. All you need is ribbon; which can be found at your local fabric or Target. Know how to to tie a knot and VUALA. You have yourself an original one-of-a-kind choker necklace that did not break the bank. I wore this the other night was given heaps of compliments… only if they knew the real secret. 




It’s FriYAY already ya’ll! I woke up this morning and wanted to wear just a plain ol’ sweater. However, I had some extra time on my hands and thought to myself that I could spice this sweatshirt up but not the usual way with jewellery…


Designer holes my friend.

I believe there’s a time and place to splurge your money on materialistic items. However, when it comes to distressed clothing… Rarely do I ever purchase already cut up pants, shirts, hats etc. I am very crafty when it comes to this type of ordeal and I am highly capable to Do It Yourself (and most of you are as well) so instead of spending my life savings on a t-shirt that looks like it went through the garbage disposal on accident, I am going to create my own designer holes with TLC included. It does not get any better than that. 

I find it categorically foolish when someone spends too many zeros on a pre-holy shirt, I mean come on. You know how many flat whites you can buy with that?? I am going to guess at least $150, not kidding. It’s all about priorities though. I am all about designing items myself, it brings my inner child out of me. It also creates and originality factor too.

With all this mumbo jumbo let’s proceed to the product of today’s BCD DIY:

  • Step 1. Find a pure clothing item you want to distress.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

  • Step 2. Pinch a small piece of the fabric.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Step 3. Delicately snip the tip of the fabric.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

  • Step 4. REPEAT all over without rhyme or reason. Take a step back after some clusters because you can get carried away. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Step 5: STOP when you feel you should. If you don’t you can overdue it with holes and it will look cheap rather than designer-like.  

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Step 6. You have now created your own DIY designer hole sweatshirt, top, hat, etc. You will thank yourself and so will your wallet. YOU ROCKSTAR, YOU! 

Lots of love,