All Will Be Well

Traveling can be a bit lonely for many various reasons. Recently, I had the opportunity to cross paths with a rad gal whom has heaps of commonalities with me. It was almost as if our paths were suppose to cross because how like-minded we are. It filled me with peace knowing I wasn't the only [...]


Full Throttle

Ah, finally, my first down time in about two weeks. I can’t remember the last time I sat let alone letting my brain just flow out on a keyboard because before you know it, it’s already a new week, month and or year. Time flies when you don’t live in the present. Since the New [...]


I know people who have graduated college, who are still in college, or just going into college and they are still in the party mode. Can I just ask a question? How is that still fun? I’ve actually met some people on my adventure and they are in there mid 30’s working as bartenders and [...]