I have recently added the most comfortable little black dress to my wardrobe. Let me repeat myself, the most comfortable dress I believe I have ever purchased. It was one of those "I didn't even come here for that" purchase. I so happened to walk into one of my new fond favorite clothing stores, Glassons [...]


Paige//Paige Denim

Sometimes, you just need a break from being all fancy and such, especially on a day like today. Where it's cold, with random snow everywhere from last night's storm... so the last thing you want to do is be wearing stilettos. Today, I am feeling like a lazy bug! This a perfect go-to outfit for [...]

Sweater Sunday

As I continue my obsession with sweaters, my NYTT sweater is my most favourite piece. The continuous softness feel it has after every clean, it's impeccable. Big words are being thrown ya'll, that's how amazing this jumper is. Sunday's are my low-key days. If I am not at church, or working, I am in bed [...]

Sunday Funday

Pre PS: This is 3rd day hair, but buns are my new best friend lately.  Anyway... Sunday's are for Farmers Markets, some good ol' praisin' Jesus and being absolutely COMFORTABLE. Sweater weather is officially on and I am obsessed. From Cashmere to Poly's, you can never go wrong either way but the one thing you [...]