Just Think About It

High end cars, money, naked girls, drunk guys, intentional  PDA post, the #goals photo…

My brain is about to hit the snooze button as I lie in bed. All comfy and cozy in my sheets, with the fan on to create a cooler environment. But wait! I need to scroll through Instagram… because it’s out of habitual habit. Catch my drift?

As I am scrolling through the popular page on Instagram, that’s all I see. High end cars while awkwardly sitting in the front seat looking “wealthy AF.. right? That’s how you use AF, or that’s why the kids are saying these days.

Any who… Stacks on stacks because it’s payday so of course you need to brag. Naked girls, well girls in bikinis that shouldn’t even pass as fabric, drunk guys on spring break making regretful decisions, straddling couple because it’s cute and they’re “in love” and oh yeah below in the comments everyone says #goals.

As Jesus says, for what our heart breaks over, His breaks more.

I look at these photos, these provocative, sexual, soft porn, selfish, me me me, boasting, shallow photos of what people live and become so jealous for, my heart breaks! In other words, #goals.


I am serious when I say it. My heart breaks so much for this world. For where we are at, emotionally, spiturually and mentally. We have become such shallow, selfish humans and it completely and utterly breaks me.

This life is hell on earth for some and I couldn’t agree more. We rely so much on how many likes we get on a photo, I know you’ve heard this before but it’s true!! We rely so much on how to get the perfect angle, light, whatever it is. IT’S SHALLOW. We need to create this “look at me” lifestyle and it’s so sad. It’s sad that this is what majority of us worry about on a day to day basis. When there are actual life threatening issues going on in this world. And by world, I mean outside of the United States.

We have it SO well, almost too well because each day I bet some of us take it totally for granted, since it’s almost as if we deserve it because we live in such a country of high accessibility and opporunity.

Personally, it’s hard to do life sometimes because of the people I run into, see across at the coffee shop or just overhear while taking my daily walks. It just blows my mind of the problems that people worry over. I am not saying your problems are less than, at all. I am just simply saying, instead of sweating the materialistic stuff that will only benefit you and you only, may sweat over the massive stuff that can effect, your future, and your children’s future, yah? The time is now to figure out how the future will end up and I cannot imagine how much more selfish someone can get and how much more powerful the internet will be.

Stop getting angry at the government or the president for how shitty the world is… we the people of this country have free will. We have choices and if it’s going to be selfish from here on out, then… we are done for. However, if we decide to sweat over something that can effect your tomorrow, maybe some hearts will start to change and materialistic things will just become things. Maybe then, they will not have such a massive control on our daily lives anymore.

Get over the comparison game. Does that help you in any way? Does that benefit you in any way?

I am going to guess no and no.

SO WHY KEEP IT UP? Because that’s what the world says to do. Obsess over celebrities that are JUST LIKE US, they just so happen to have access to show off their talent in more ways than others. Or how about going crazy over what life that person has and how yours sucks. You have a roof? You have a food? You have clothes? You have clean water for showering and doing the dishes? You are living like a king or queen my friend!

I can imagine just a wee bit of what could happen if we put all the energy that we do through obsessing over social media and having the best of whatever or getting famous, into something that truly matters.

Politics, helping the hungry, going overseas and helping at orphanges or people you may know that are the less fortunate. How about including that person who is always left out or even putting down that phone and actually conversing with that person whom you asked to hang out with. Allowing common sense to become common sense, again. Just think where our world would be? I am not saying world peace but I am saying we could be more on the positive scale rather than the negative, envious, selfish, entitiled scale.

Just think about it.



Help Me Help You, Help You Help Me

I am in a new season of life, which brings new directions thus leading to me NEEDING to sell majority of my belongings. Everything has been worn only once or is brand new. My clothes are in mint condition. Pay thru paypal or contacting me directly right here. Everything is true to size. No returns please and I unfortunately cannot provide free shipping. I am helping YOU look fabulous in a new piece of mine (:  while you’re helping me achieve a personal goal of mine! WIN, WIN!

Any questions, comments or concerns please reach out, here.

Happy Shopping!

BCD Fall Series pt. 2: Jackets

Adding onto my BCD fall series, this pt 2. includes all of my GO-TO, favourite, must-have jackets. I am a jacket fanatic. It was hard to really narrow down my choices but I kept them to more simple pieces since my taste can be a little far out for some. On a fabulous side note; all these jackets can be worn in any season! How AH-MAZING is that, yay for versatility. Below I will have links attached that way you can access other options more conveniently (:


  • Leather Jacket: This one is perfect for that date night and or that summer concert, to spice up any outfit.
  • Bomber: This will complete your street-style attire.
  • Patagonia: Grocery run, movie night, in the mountains, a re-tool is your go-to for a laid back colorado look. You can wear this jacket with any outfit!
  • Vest: Anytime you need that extra texture or warmth, vest are inevitable for a chic look.
  • Over-sized Denim: Thrifter baby, that’s all I have to say. oh, & Oversized denim is such a must-have in your wardrobe, it can be layered, tied etc the most versatile piece in your closet. It’ll be your best friend. 
  • Maxi Cardi: I am cold all the time, so instead of wearing a blanket around what about an adorable maxi cari?? This babe can be layered and be worn during any season, woohoo!

Lots of love,



Sweater babe

Fall makes me fall even more in love with sweaters. I’ve already explained my oversized obsession and there’s nothing wrong with it… or that’s what I like to tell myself.

I la la la LOVE fall time ya’ll. It brings my inner more creative fashionista out of me. Layering is my thang and so are oversized sweaters, did I already mention that?

Sheer tops are peaking at the moment, but why not take a step further and do a sheer sweater? AH.MAY.ZING. 

That’s exactly what I did on this fine Wednesday. I have one of the most comfortable outfits on and you can’t even tell that I’m bloating, hehe. The secrets to fashion are an endless wonder, I am telling you. I highly encourage everyone to have at least one if not two, oversized pieces in there every day wardrobe. When you want that comfort or cozy feeling without wrapping yourself up in a sweater scarf or legit blanket, these babies will be your best friend through and through again. They also can be worn as dresses, so duh why not! Versatility is so good.

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PS. I have a slight obsession with H&M, only because they are on trend ALL THE TIME and are filled with screaming deals ALL THE TIME. 

Lots Of Love,