Zara will always have a space in my closet, if not the whole closet. One day... Iย love anything that is from Zara or inspired by Zara. The pieces that are made and shown in each collection are stunning. From the basics, to the wacky pieces, Zara is truly fashion to the less fortunate haha just [...]


Basic Babe

As I am preparing for my upcoming move/adventure I am challenging myself to pack a little as possible. I am bringing 2 backpacks. One for my computer and essentials. Then, the other one is a 44L for clothes and shoes. LET'S DO THIS! I have been inspired in one of Lauren Conrad's books about travel. [...]

The Struggle Is Real

Crap... I failed again or made that same mistake... what the heck is wrong with me? I literally have been struggling so immensely lately, I've been ignoring everything around me because I cannot do anything right lately. I can't be perfect and I'm pissed. I can't follow through with my promises that I made to [...]