I found Kookai back when I first traveled to Australia. However, I just assumed it was an over-priced place for basics and moved on.

Recently, I made my way back when I found out they had one in Auckland! And now, I’m pretty much obsessed. When it comes to basics, you want them to last and look good even after those few washes. Majority of the fabric and tops at Kookai are Pima cotton, which essentially means they are extra-long staple cotton and allows stretch without losing shape. Lately, I have enjoyed getting to know the products I buy and where they come from. For more information on Kookai, take a peek here!

This Bella crop I recently purchased can testify to this! It’s the most comfortable piece in my closet. It’s incredibly versatile!

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My second purchase is this adorable off the shoulder top. It can be either a strapless or off the shoulder. The ruffles add such a chic touch to this basic. This particular piece is made out of 100% organic cotton which allows you to be cooler than the normal thick cotton.

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And of course, layering with crops are perfect so these tops can be used all season long.


Shop similar:

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Zara will always have a space in my closet, if not the whole closet. One day…

love anything that is from Zara or inspired by Zara. The pieces that are made and shown in each collection are stunning. From the basics, to the wacky pieces, Zara is truly fashion to the less fortunate haha just kidding. NOT REALLY. 

Lately I’ve had an obsession with tops that you can layer, surprise surprise. Zara was having a sale (I know Zara… having a sale? what?!) I had to limit myself for the sack of my sanity and my wallet, to two pieces.

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  • I picked this leather knitwear top, for many reasons. It is versatile from a vest, to a top, to a layered piece. 3 in 1, please come again. It can be worn at anytime for any occasion. Simple & Sweet.

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  • I saw this beauty enclosed between other denim but I was struck at the ruffle that I saw poking out. UM, YES. How intriguing is this top? Talk about out dressing outside the box. Pieces like this can be intimidating to some, but honestly it’s just like a basic white T. You wear the clothes, do not let the clothes wear you! Surprisingly with this top, you can go wild with the bottoms or keep it simple with all one color or fabric, DENIM ON DENIM, baby. One thing I am obsessed about this top, is you can keep the jewelry at a bare minimum and let the shirt do all the talking. #ThatSimpleLife.  but truly, less is more. 

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on another note: why can’t we have more Zara’s in this state? I think we fashionistas should start a petition to have some more built, yes? YES.




Basic Babe

As I am preparing for my upcoming move/adventure I am challenging myself to pack a little as possible.

I am bringing 2 backpacks. One for my computer and essentials. Then, the other one is a 44L for clothes and shoes. LET’S DO THIS!

I have been inspired in one of Lauren Conrad’s books about travel. She spoke about how traveling overseas and in the country to never pack anything you wouldn’t want to loose. That cuts down my leftovers of what I didn’t sell in closet to probably about 2 items, haha but seriously. Since this is going to challenge myself to pack light and only what I need, I figured basic were the way to go.

Forever21 has cute and affordable basics, so I couldn’t have done better because if my backpack was left somewhere or stolen, I am not loosing heaps of money. However, I hope this will not be the case though! Preparation is always key.

I found a few tops that are very versatile thus, lighter the backpack will be, yassss!!!

You can check these cute little tank crops here. && this adorable Velvet crop here, as well.

I wanted to stick to pretty neutral colors, that way I can dress them up and down no matter what. I also wanted a nice dressier shirt that way I don’t have too rely on jewelry every day. Jewelry weighs a lot so, less jewelry the better. No matter what though, basic tops are always a go-to for any look. Cotton is easy to dress up, so from day to night, you’re set babe!


to be continued…



The Struggle Is Real

Crap… I failed again or made that same mistake… what the heck is wrong with me? I literally have been struggling so immensely lately, I’ve been ignoring everything around me because I cannot do anything right lately. I can’t be perfect and I’m pissed. I can’t follow through with my promises that I made to myself or stop that habitual habit. I’m a horrible person, I suck, I’m dumb, I’m the worst, what’s my worth, what’s my purpose even?

I know I am not the only one who has these thoughts when failure occurs in on my life especially being the perfectionist as I am. It’s a quick downward spiral when you let the enemy whisper ALL those LIES and DOUBTS in your head because it’s definitely not from God. God is good ALL the time and all the time He is good! Our Heavenly Father is the perfecter and author of our lives, He is the creator, He is the Alpha and the Omega, He is omnipresent and He is UNCONDITIONAL.

It all just goes back to the basics just like anything else, speaking life over yourself is MUST when those negative thoughts pop in, i.e You’re His Beloved, You’re a daughter or son of Christ, You are CO-AIR of God’s kingdom, You’re saved by GRACE through FAITH! Once saved, always saved despite your other beliefs down the road, or “distance” from God, you’re forever His even if you keep sinning, keep dishonouring, keep walking away because at the end of the day Jesus promises that once you’ve accepted Him, you’re forever His and I believe that deep down after even when you stray (which what is currently happening for me at the moment) I yearn for something so much deeper than what this world can give me. JESUS. Jesus is not of this world, He is in the world. by that I mean He is against the grain of the sand. He is the opposite of this evil-satanic dark place we call earth. Jesus is good, He provides a way out of temptation, He provides unconditional love, hope, grace, mercy, etc, anything good; you name it!

When I get caught up with social media, and being busy I really truly forget about truth. All those “distractions” are the enemies way of keeping me from Christ. It sounds silly, I know I used to think so as well, but the light cannot be with the dark so satan will do ANYTHING to distract you to be in the light and it can be the littlest thing like that TV show you have to binge watch every night, or refresh your Instagram feed to see how many likes are on that new photo you posted. Trust me, I’ve been there done that. That’s why Im hear to say if you want to cut that pattern off, you’re the only person who has the power to do that. I shared something with a wise friend about how a pattern kept occurring in my life and I was sick of it, it made me furious. I wanted it to stop but then that person said, maybe it’s reoccurring so you can make it stop once in for all. You know coherently realise that it’s happening and you now know how to stop it, so you have a choice to make it end or have the pattern continue. Your choice (any time I hear someone say that, Mr. Chow’s voice always comes up in my head)

As annoying that occurrence may have been, it really did make me realise that I truly did need to stop that pattern and I knew what I had to do, as much as I didn’t want to do it and as much as my flesh was craving it, the pattern needed to end in order to have healing sooner rather than later. The struggle is real, struggle will happen in this life, distance from God will happen, doubting God will happen, questioning God will happen, failing will happen, habitual sin will happen but He knew that from the start. He knows everything including the amount of hairs on your head. That’s why we have the bible, that’s why we have people in this world who are confident in Christ and only want nothing but for others to know the truth so they go and spread the gospel for others to know that you’re not alone in struggling. You’re human, you’re born into a broken world it’s what’s going to happen unfortunately. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in this position of distancing myself from God because I’m not feeling worthy enough, or I’m too dirty to be around Him, well let me remind you beautiful soul that when you come to Jesus, come as you are!! Dirty, filthy, addicted, sinful, bruised, broken, gay, straight, old, young, new believer, old believer, or never even heard of this Jesus guy, etc. it doesn’t matter, COME AS YOU ARE, please!

Again, as I said, it goes back to the basics. We walk by faith not by sight. Despite what the world may say or how freaking hard it may be, trust in the loving God and in His promises that He has for you and your life. The cross IS enough and YOU are enough for Jesus! Speak life, speak truth daily to yourself out loud. Once you start doing that, guarantee that your whole perspective on everyone and everything will start to change.

Happy Spring!!!