Bikini Babe

Winters attire is going to consist of bikinis, bikinis and oh yeah, bikinis.

When it comes to finding proper fitting swimsuits, that’s a job in itself but when I find one that actually fits, that’s a job and a dream come true. The struggle is real. 

Thank goodness to my go-to store, Glassons provide the cutest swimwear collection. It’s bloody affordable and designs are beautiful.

I decided to go with an underwire look, aka looks like a bra, only because that’s the only type of style that fit my body type properly. I am smaller in the rib cage and a bit bigger in the bust, so the fact I found a swimsuit that I do not need to tailor I’m over the moon. I am also pumped about this suit because of its colour. If you don’t know, you know now. I am a sucker for grey. It’s the new black in my wardrobe, so once I saw that suit, instantly had a connection. There’s no padding, it could easily be passed for underwear but it’s the 21st century I guess anything goes, right? Also, the back does not tie, it’s a clasp so that means it will hold no matter how hard a wave hits you.

The bottoms are fabulous fitting. I am not a fan of the thong swimsuits or the full coverage, I like the in-between. A little bit playful and cheeky. Another small detail is that these bottoms are almost like no-show victoria secret underwear. You can hardly see the lining of them, so honestly, this could be an underwear set if you’ve skipped laundry day!!

  • Top: 19.99$
  • Bottoms: 16.99$

Glassons has a sale right now for swimwear, 2 for 30$. So get it while you can!! Apparently, these are the hot commodity. You can find my swimsuit right here.




Cheers to my beach bunnies!






I have recently added the most comfortable little black dress to my wardrobe. Let me repeat myself, the most comfortable dress I believe I have ever purchased. It was one of those “I didn’t even come here for that” purchase. I so happened to walk into one of my new fond favorite clothing stores, Glassons and without hesitation snagged this baby right off the rack. What really sparked my interest was the back cut out. The front was sweet and simple, whilst the back had a half cut out and a interesting asymmetrical piece of fabric going across the diameter of it.


Another thing that sold me was the fact it was long sleeve and a bit longer in length. I am vertically challenged so anything that makes me look taller you bet your sweet bottom momma is going to buy it. If you know me though, the other “thing” to make me swoon over a piece is the versatility of it. If I can wear it heaps of different ways, you don’t even have to ask me once if I’ll purchase it.  From a day-to-day chic jean jacket hanging off, and then switching jackets to a night out w/ a leather jacket, you’re set. Best of both words my friend! 




Basic Babe

As I am preparing for my upcoming move/adventure I am challenging myself to pack a little as possible.

I am bringing 2 backpacks. One for my computer and essentials. Then, the other one is a 44L for clothes and shoes. LET’S DO THIS!

I have been inspired in one of Lauren Conrad’s books about travel. She spoke about how traveling overseas and in the country to never pack anything you wouldn’t want to loose. That cuts down my leftovers of what I didn’t sell in closet to probably about 2 items, haha but seriously. Since this is going to challenge myself to pack light and only what I need, I figured basic were the way to go.

Forever21 has cute and affordable basics, so I couldn’t have done better because if my backpack was left somewhere or stolen, I am not loosing heaps of money. However, I hope this will not be the case though! Preparation is always key.

I found a few tops that are very versatile thus, lighter the backpack will be, yassss!!!

You can check these cute little tank crops here. && this adorable Velvet crop here, as well.

I wanted to stick to pretty neutral colors, that way I can dress them up and down no matter what. I also wanted a nice dressier shirt that way I don’t have too rely on jewelry every day. Jewelry weighs a lot so, less jewelry the better. No matter what though, basic tops are always a go-to for any look. Cotton is easy to dress up, so from day to night, you’re set babe!


to be continued…