Road Trip Remix

Over the weekend my friend and I decided to road trip to the west coast. We’ve been planning this trip for a few weeks now. And by planning, I mean no itinerary, just driving to our destination and going from there. I would not suggest that if you are in a foreign country and have high stress/anxiety levels. However, my little brain thought otherwise. I’m one of those people who likes to wing life but when it came to winging our weekend trip we could kiss our plans goodbye.

As we did, after numerous wrong turns (because of GPS), horrible co-pilot assistance (me) and just frustration from both parties. Plans were not green. They ended full stop red. We both anxiously still agreed we still needed to escape the city noise. Thus, we headed on the motor way driving towards the setting sun. 

Being outside, getting in higher elevation and stillness was officially on our itinerary.

We both come from being surrounded by mountains so closer to we can get to our happy place the better.

We ended up exploring this wee town off the motorway exit called Puhoi.

Pronounced: P00 – HOY.   

Then, found a foot path that led to a pretty cool view of vast green valleys that seemed to never end. Of course, we stopped to embrace our wet and humid surroundings with a slight trickle of rain no surprise, and also had a mini photoshoot none the less.

However, the real point to my story is the next part.

As I said earlier, we desperately needed to trade the loudness for crashing high tide waves. We ended up parking in a parking lot where you are allowed to sleep overnight. SCORE!

My friend and I could not be any more excited to finally get a taste of “camping”. It was really happening, we were actually going to camp and not just head home with frustration flowing out of our ears. We backed up to a front row seat to the ocean, popped the hatch and bam we were cool as some cucumbers.

What I have to say now is quite a metaphor for life. You take a few wrong turns or make some silly choices and it’s not what you wanted or what you even planned. However, instead of giving up and allowing life to win, you just have to stay head strong and keep going. Life gives you curve balls but instead of responding by whining and complaining, respond with an optimistic view: PLOT TWIST we are staying closer to town than desired BUT it all worked out because we have a beach front view for a night’s stay w/ some bloody good fish and chips. Even though we planned to drive heaps further out, and wanted to go somewhere more beautiful, we still were able to relax and get a change of scenery. Realize, that if it doesn’t happen now, it may just happen later when you’ll appreciate much more or whatever the reason may be. But I leave this with you. Please don’t give up. Don’t get sour if plans don’t follow, embrace the plot twist and smile. You’ll start to appreciate more in life, the big, the medium and the small.

Sleeping in the back of a car w/ and ocean front view and and and sweet as compnay.






Weekend Getaway


IM BACK!!! It’s been too long. But finally, I have a computer!! I have so much filed in my brain, it’s hard to type at the moment. So I am just going to share something simple and easy for ya (:

Over the weekend, I went on a girls trip up to the North-East side of Auckland. I was able to see New Zealand for what is really was for. The beauty of New Zealand is beyond the words I have. All I have to say is, no wonder why they would film movies here. Green screens can never capture this, not even a camera… Thank you Jesus.

(FYI all these places are a must-see whenever you visit)

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  • As we were climbing up the mountain, fog started to appear.

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  • Cliffside in Whitianga


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  • Cathedral Cove

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  • Closed out little shack

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  • Waikato mountain walk


  • Kaori tree ARE MASSIVE; fun fact: native tree to New Zealand and they are actually dying away. 

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  • Waikoto Beach

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  • Some random valley of green hills that we frolicked on (:


This trip for sure goes down in the books. Thank you for a lovely weekend girls, cheers!



Rangi Adventure

According to heaps of Kiwi’s and google, Rangitoto is a MUST-SEE place. Essentially, it is a island that is also a volcano (not active)

The views were spectacular. The hike was, well not a hike but a great way to start the morning! There’s no service, so it ‘s a wonderful getaway spot that is only a 30 min ferry ride from the main pier in Auckland city. I went on my own for this last minute quick trip, but would recommend going with others just to have company. There are also caves you can explore which has such a magical feeling to it. As you walk to the caves, you walk through a forest-like trail and you really think you’re in Lord of the Rings… but really I could be Frodo, since I am smaller than small.

Anyway, I snapped some shots to share with you all. Enjoy xx.


I believe this was my first time riding a ferry, which was quite boring actually.


These paths do not look too appealing, however, when you go up a bit of ways you run into heaps of volcanic rocks all piled up everywhere. Incredibly interesting.



From the bottom it was about an hours walk, if that. Then, you run into this sign and it shows you into the next destination.

19399070_1779708112319833_775153776513886863_nThank goodness for these rails. There was no where to sit.


View was pretty good!


7am awkward photo shot. yayyyyyyy


The lighting was bad since it was changing so much with the clouds. But this view was of the city you can hardly see thru the haze.


THANK GOODNESS for these markers or else I would have been lost forever.


Legit felt like I was in Lord of the Rings about to get spooked my Gollum…


Very interesting leaves growing out of some tree trunks.


Ok let’s talk about these caves really quick. They were pitch black, I didn’t have my flashlight on me so I couldn’t walk thru them. CREEPY creepy, cobwebs everywhere. but the fact there are caves on an island that is a volcano as well, is impressive.

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Globe Trotting

You know what get’s me hyped?? Life. 

Life has so much to offer. The beauty, massive different cultural lifestyles, opportunities, relationships, experiences, etc etc. I could go on forever but let’s just leave it at that.

We all have free will by the grace of God. With that, comes many skin-rising choices whether we see them as good or bad they are choices that will direct us to the next destination. Having a personal relationship with Jesus and just believing in His goodness is all about faith. Without faith, it’s nothing. But with the great gift of the Holy Spirit that is provided when declaring your faith in Jesus, provision is available when it comes to needing clarity or direction in that next step.

I used to live my relationship with Jesus in a way of “ok God, where do you want me to go, what do you want me to do?” Expecting that big audible voice to say “Go here, Go there.” Well, in my life, I have not heard Him like that ever, unless I was too in my world… that’s completely off topic, Anywho!

What I am trying to get at is, yes, this life is great! However, it’s not necessarily about our benefit and our happiness. It’s about growing the kingdom of God and to be alive when the world considers us “dead.” Hear me out though, there are times we should be selfish and be focused on our own being to grow more fruitfully each day. I have hardly ever allowed myself to be selfish in that sense and it’s not healthy. Good thing, I have a much better understanding about Jesus and His goodness && about His will and not mine. God gave us free will to do what we want. Despite whether we see it as “good” or “bad”, that choice will still allow us to continue on the path of the Lord’s great will that He has had planned for us since the beginning. I am beyond thrilled to be in this mindset and place in life to take an opportunity that has presented itself and take it by a huge leap of faith. Even though some may disagree with it and some do not see the benefit of it, there will always be learning opportunities, opening and closing doors, etc. Jesus will still provide for me, love me, never leave me and just be with me no matter where I decide to reside. Internationally or domestically, He is there! He is still proud of my decisions despite how awful and selfish they may be to the human eye. I believe since there has been a lot of prayer, seeking and just flat out faith that’s what He really enjoys. The fact is, I am making a leap of faith into the unknown and just truly trusting Him. It’s so challenging, and just simply so life-giving, I obviously could not miss this chance.

So here’s to new adventures, new opportunities, new friends, new doors, closed doors, and just growing my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father!! WOOHOO!

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