Note to self: I am not Picasso.

I went to Cocktails and Canvas today with my mum and sister for my birthday celebration. I was dissatisfied with my painting, however, It was so much fun and learned a few things about myself!

1. I am horrible at art.

2. Painting is relaxing.

3. I will still keep on painting.

4. You can have wine while painting, what?!

5. I am really hard on myself and that’s not fair.

Here is my final product; The title of this class was Star light start bright. 





THE BIG 2-0.

I still cannot believe I am 20 years old today. It came so quickly, I hardly ever had time to be a kid. I thought it would be nice to share 20 fun facts about myself, to you.

Enjoy (:

1. I am 25% Japanese.

2. I can make a clover with my tongue.

3. I use to hate writing.

4. I have played soccer since I was 4 & still do.

5. I love Jesus with all my heart.

6. I weighed 2lbs 2oz when I was born.

7. I love getting dirty and being outside.

8. I am more independent right now in life, then I ever have been.

9.  I come from a family of six.

10. I have 2 tattoos.

11. My favorite go-to meal is: Rice, Egg whites, Shoyu and Sriracha on top.

12. I love to snowboard.

13. I have buzzed off all my hair before for cancer.

14. I’ve had a lot of trials and tribulations in life but I mean who hasn’t?! 

15. I have never ran a 5k marathon.

16. My mom is Japanese.

17. I have many and I mean many pet peeves.

18. I can motivate myself very well, however, the follow thru part I am not so well at.

19. I use to be a shopaholic.

20. I am a overcomer!



Officially an adult. 20!

Last night some of my family were in early celebration for my birthday and it was a fabulous night! We had sushi at this 5 star restaurant and went to a jazz bar to enjoy some old n’ day songs. 20 will be my year and I’m so excited for what is ahead! I’ve learned so much these past couple of months and years. Life is what you make it and everything is a choice, good or bad consequences you will always learn something from it.


Here’s to many more years ❤



Get ready, Get set, Pack!

Hello Everyone (:

I am getting ready for my trip soon, and I need to find a suitcase that will fit 11mos worth of clothes, shoes and anything else a girl could possibly need for that long. Actually, forget clothes and shoes, just pack yourself. You will save so much money for airfare and you’ll have one outfit to keep track of, why do you think they invented washing machines? Am I right, or am I right? Hope this made you smile, like it did for me!

To be continued….