Shoes, Let’s Get Some Shoes

When it comes to shoes, I am a fanatic. But when it comes to amazing prices, I go weak in the knees. However, the one thing I hate about shoes is size 5-5.5. Rarely do stores and or boutiques carry that size, so online or DSW is where I have to spend hours for shoe hunting. [...]

Tarjee aka, Target

When in doubt, Target it out. I’ve shopped at Target for over 5 plus years now. About two months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the dream section aka, 1-5 dollar section. MIND BLOWN. && NO RAGRATS. I have never even noticed this section that’s propped right near the entrance. I’ve probably walked by [...]

Booty Poppin’

Jeans. They can be a pain, no matter your size or shape. However, when it comes to jean shopping for myself, it's usually a 99.9% miss. In this rare moment of occasion I happen to come across this adorable booty poppin', leg struttin' jeans that compliment every curve and bump on the body. Not to [...]