Tarjee aka, Target

When in doubt, Target it out. I’ve shopped at Target for over 5 plus years now. About two months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the dream section aka, 1-5 dollar section. MIND BLOWN. && NO RAGRATS. I have never even noticed this section that’s propped right near the entrance. I’ve probably walked by [...]

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas

This year, Christmas is going to be different. In my last blog, I touched on the topic how it’s going to be different in the way of being alone and not being surrounded by family and or loved ones. It’s really been an opportunity of understanding and reality check of what the REAL season is [...]

Cleanse Time.

In life, going on a cleanse can be extremely beneficial. From spiritual all the way on the other side of deep cleaning that overflowing closet of yours, to even a juicing… but let’s be honest we humans need that good ol’ protein. I am not sure how to classify my “cleanse” per say however, it’s [...]