Globe Trotting

You know what get’s me hyped?? Life.  Life has so much to offer. The beauty, massive different cultural lifestyles, opportunities, relationships, experiences, etc etc. I could go on forever but let’s just leave it at that. We all have free will by the grace of God. With that, comes many skin-rising choices whether we see them as

Pants… At A Time Like This

Sometimes it is necessary to wear bottoms, especially when in public but when I am in my house, NO PANTS is a rule, at least for me! Anyway. Pantalones, trousers, bottoms whatever you feel the need to say, they are a must on this trip. Remember, traveling overseas means light packing which means I need

20 Dollar, No Hollah

One word: Sunnies.  You all know I am already a jacket person, well another ravishing obsession I have are sunnies! They can add so much to any outfit. I went shopping yesterday since I am preparing for a new adventure in a few weeks, keeping it hush hush for now. And I knew I needed

Go Green

Fabrics are what usually get me, since I am a touchy-feely kind of person. On a deeper level, leathers and suedes make me weak in the knees. Seriously.  My dear friend and fabulous photographer who shot this photoshoot, decided why not go to a green house since the outfit seemed to tie perfectly with the