Yum Yum

If you don't already know. I love food.  I love trying new food, eating food, cooking food, cooking new food and best of all creating new food. FOOD IS YUM YUM. For today's menu. This particular food can be eaten at anytime. Brekkie, lunch, dinner, brunch, snack, you name it. It is currently my obsession and [...]

Wednesday Grub

Today's menu consists of a few of my paleo ingredients (I told myself I was intrugied to try paleo for 7 days but it lasted not even a day) I needed my carbs!! Anywho, lunch is fantastic today. I would recommend this meal for my more savoury palette friends. This recipe did not come from anywhere [...]

Cheese Toasty *Adult version

Hey there! Long time no read, sorry about that. Lately I've been super caught up with life and transitioning so haven't been keen to write, until now. Today was a rainy day for me and usually on these day's they're more laid back for me. It was about lunch time thus I need to find [...]

Mornin’ Brekkie

My go-to anytime brekkie meal is hands down, avo on toast. YUM! I'm going to be honest, after the first time I tried Vegemite, I was not sold. However, I highly believe it's an acquired taste that I crave almost every am. Benefits of avo on toast w/ coconut oil:  Vegemite: RICH source in Vitamin B. Coconut [...]