WIMP pt 2.

What's In My Pantry: Today I was feeling pasta but with a different twist. No pasta sauce. Let's, do this. Ingredients: Half can of Tuna (in water) Pasta (gluten free, wheat free) Greek Yogurt (1 massive TBS) Red Cherry Tomatoes Pinch of cracked pepper Take a handful of pasta, and boil those babies till ready. [...]


WIMP pt 1.

I am starting a food series called WIMP; What's In My Pantry. I love creating new foods with anything that's in the pantry at the time. Let the creativity flow. If you don't already know. I love food.ย  For today's menu. This particular food can be eaten at anytime. Brekkie, lunch, dinner, brunch, snack, you [...]

New Year, New Eats

With the New Year being in full throttle, healthy eating habits are at a high at the moment. I get tired of rabbit food and the same old eats, so with my creative mind and spontaneous tastebuds I created something very yummy and healthy because healthy is the new yummy! It's a Falafel wrap, this [...]