WIMP pt 2.

What’s In My Pantry:

Today I was feeling pasta but with a different twist. No pasta sauce. Let’s, do this.


  • Half can of Tuna (in water)
  • Pasta (gluten free, wheat free)
  • Greek Yogurt (1 massive TBS)
  • Red Cherry Tomatoes
  • Pinch of cracked pepper

Take a handful of pasta, and boil those babies till ready. While the pasta is cooking rinse out the Tuna until all water is gone. Then, wash the baby tomatoes and cut in half. Once all your preparation is done, add all ingredients together and ENJOY!!!






WIMP pt 1.

I am starting a food series called WIMP; What’s In My Pantry. I love creating new foods with anything that’s in the pantry at the time. Let the creativity flow.

If you don’t already know. I love food. 

For today’s menu. This particular food can be eaten at anytime. Brekkie, lunch, dinner, brunch, snack, you name it. It is currently my obsession and I am eating this every day right now for brekkie. It’s high h in healthy fats, good source of protein, and very flavourful. It is Egg whites with mashed up Avo and mango salsa. Sounds weird, looks weird but it tastes amazing. How I came up with this recipe you might ask; I love egg whites, avocado and mangos, I decided why not combine all three. I then proceeded to think why I never came up with this before!! Enough mouth watering torment, let’s whip some good yum yum up.


  • Egg Whites
  • 1/2 Avo
  • 2 Spoon-fulls of Mango Salsa
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shoyu. aka. Soy Sauce (optional)


Step 1: 

Add a half tablespoon of Coconut oil to your pan (depending on how large your pain is) && cook those chickens up on low heat.

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Step 2:

While the chickens are cooking, mash your 1/2 avo in a bowl.

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Step 3:

Once Avo is mashed, add in about 2 good spoon-fulls of your Mango Salsa.

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Step 4:

Top off your chickens with your mixings and enjoy! If you have a savoury palate like myself, I always add in a splash of soy sauce.

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Bon appetit!!


Stuffed Peppers

Convenience is always key when it comes to cooking. Especially during the winter weather, I tend to have longer days and just want something quick and easy when it’s time to grub. I decided, since I have been not myself lately; trying Paleo for a bit,. Thank goodness my roomie tagged along with me because it’s been hard to beat these period cravings. Of course, when I decide to make a healthy choice for my body, it rewards me with cravings out of the wazoo!!

THANKS JESS! Roomies who Paleo together, stay together (;

Right now, I love stuffed peppers. They’re honestly the perfect snack or meal for anyone! Prepping time is not too long and you can save them for leftovers as well.

It’s mucho Bueno.


Brown rice (is acceptable for Paleo, but I am watching my intake.)
Ground Turkey
Garbanzo beans (acceptable as well)
Ground pepper
Nutritional Yeast
Preheat oven at 350-400 degrees F. Depending on what elevation you’re at.

Rice is always my first thing to cook since it take the longest. In my rice cooker, depending on how many mouths you are feeding, I usually do 1 cup rice 2 cups water.

I then try to slice only the peppers, not my fingers during this time. Cut off the tops ever so slowly and then puncture the stem out so you can have a little topper for your meal. (food is art). Once those are cut and stripped down, pop however many peppers are needed into broiling water for a good 5-7 minutes.

Then, if you’d rather not eat raw meat and to avoid food illnesses cook that Turkey right up in a flat skillet. Once, that’s nice and brown, warm up the G-beans by popping those in with the meat as well.

Then, after those 7 minutes your peppers will be wobble baby wobblin, put those on a cooking tray. (side note: if you want to avoid washing the whole kitchen, add aluminium to your tray. Peppers will cook just fine.)

Ding! Your rice is donezo. Once thats finished, I combine the beans and Turkey into the rice bowl. Less dishes used, less washing.

Now you are ready to stuff those babies up like it’s Thanksgiving all over again.

Stuff stuff stuff, and pop those in your oven for a good 7 minutes.. or 10, depending on how cooked you’d like your pepper tops and it’s just to warm everything up to the same temp.

SET THAT TIMER, unless charcoal is your favourite taste.

Top it off with Nutritional Yeast and ENJOY!


Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas,


New Year, New Eats

With the New Year being in full throttle, healthy eating habits are at a high at the moment. I get tired of rabbit food and the same old eats, so with my creative mind and spontaneous tastebuds I created something very yummy and healthy because healthy is the new yummy!

It’s a Falafel wrap, this could have already been done but I have not came across anything like this yet.


  • Flour Tortillas
  • Ops Greek Yogurt (dill pickle flavor)
  • Kale
  • Turkey Breast
  • Falafel

After you have your wrap wrapped up… get it (; pop it in the microwave for about 45-60 seconds for some warmth and enjoy!