I have recently added the most comfortable little black dress to my wardrobe. Let me repeat myself, the most comfortable dress I believe I have ever purchased. It was one of those “I didn’t even come here for that” purchase. I so happened to walk into one of my new fond favorite clothing stores, Glassons and without hesitation snagged this baby right off the rack. What really sparked my interest was the back cut out. The front was sweet and simple, whilst the back had a half cut out and a interesting asymmetrical piece of fabric going across the diameter of it.


Another thing that sold me was the fact it was long sleeve and a bit longer in length. I am vertically challenged so anything that makes me look taller you bet your sweet bottom momma is going to buy it. If you know me though, the other “thing” to make me swoon over a piece is the versatility of it. If I can wear it heaps of different ways, you don’t even have to ask me once if I’ll purchase it.  From a day-to-day chic jean jacket hanging off, and then switching jackets to a night out w/ a leather jacket, you’re set. Best of both words my friend! 





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