Recent Favs

I figured I would share with you all my recent favs, or even items that I have been using very frequently lately.


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I am very grateful I stashed this baby in my suitcase. At first, I did not think I would need but, yup, 100% needed it. You can find the same one here!

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If you follow me on Insta, you will know that pink is NOT a colourΒ I wear nor can usually wear (if you want to follow me, you can right here). It tends to wash me out but… I found a pink that is an exception and it’s also VELVET! Guys, when I saw this piece, without hesitation grabbed it && they had one more Small… it was meant to be! Also, I am not quite sure if this is a dressing gown or just a kimono, but it works either way. You can find a similar one here.

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Crop tops were never an essential to my wardrobe until I was hit with some inspiration while looking at the new Zara collection. One word: LAYERS. Now, layers are my thing and so are pairing crop tops with big baggy sweaters, long sleeves and even short sleeve blouses. If you want to jazz up any top and I mean any top, just at a crop and it’s like you’re in grade school all over again but with style. This baby is also on sale right now, so check it out rightΒ here.

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I have to say that these PJ pants are the cutest and most comfortable bottoms I’ve ever worn. Peter Alexander made these with his signature pup, think you can guess it… wiener dog. Since we don’t have one in the states, I told myself it was a MUST-GET when I was over here. If you have never heard of PA 1. you’re missing && 2. you can check his designs out here.

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Spurts some Flowerbomb on ya once in awhile, ok? Sometimes you just need to smell like flowers and heaven hence the name. And Viktor&Rolf has done the deed. My go-to spray always always always will be this. It can be found at none other than the infamous Nordies.




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