Thank You, Zara

I’ve been in a fashion funk lately. Not really inspired by anything. However, the other day I managed to find a Zara!! This. Was. GoldSide note: we don’t have a Zara back home, so the fact I have access to one, physically, is quite dangerous. 

Any who, I became inspired by an outfit a mannequin had on and tried to re-create it myself. So I went forth to buy the same ribbed bra-top and a sweater instead of a button up. I’m not into buttons, so obviously being winter a light knit sweater was the way to go. I, then, decided to put those pieces together && BAM; A whole new way of styling just was opened before my eyes. I am beyond thrilled to have come across this look. It’s so versatile you will be looking stylish no matter how plain Jane your accessories and essentials are!! Less is most definitely more. 


my purchase: 

I needed to also buy some good trousers that were able to be worn anytime, since jeans were not cutting it for me anymore. I stumbled across these arlorable bow-tie trousers!

 Ah ha. Couldn’t have been happier with my purchases (: 



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