I love how fashion can be simple or complex. For me, it all depends on the mood and how creative I want to be. Some days, I like to be lazy and others I like to be little much. Today’s outfit consists of being creative and re-usable. For awhile now, I have set a goal for myself to re-wear outfits and or even clothes more than once. It challenges me to be creative in a way to have multiple wears out of one piece, etc etc.

Jackets make me weak in the knees. In other words, I am a sucker for any type of outwear and or jacketaaaaa. They transform any outfit from day to night or buisness to happy hour. Whatever the style you are aiming for, jackets will always have your back. Pun intended.

ps. s’cuse the awkward face. 


Similar/ Jacket


Similar/ Overalls


Similar/ CK


Simliar/ Earrings


Similar/ Shoes





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