Shoes, Let’s Get Some Shoes

When it comes to shoes, I am a fanatic. But when it comes to amazing prices, I go weak in the knees. However, the one thing I hate about shoes is size 5-5.5. Rarely do stores and or boutiques carry that size, so online or DSW is where I have to spend hours for shoe hunting. It’s like house hunting, there are so many houses out there but you need to find the perfect fit and the one that describes you.

Weird metaphor but lets go with it. 

I do love having small feet since it is proportional to my body but hey being a little taller wouldn’t hurt and having a size bigger shoe? No, ok. My little kid feet will suffice, YAY FOR KIDS FEET && clothing!

Anyway, enough rambling. I have a tactic when it comes shoe shopping. This usually is always a success, so I thought I’d share my secret.

I buy the season before. 

Anytime I go to DSW, they always always always hook it up. I’m not sure how I manage to find something adorable and stealing deal… but I do. Plus, they always have my size in the store, especially in the sale section (; WINNING. I am a huge sucker for sales. I know some like to buy full-priced items but when you know what something is made out of and x,y and z, your smarts tend to kick in and help you figure out if it is worth it to spend &100 or $1000. BABY I’M WORTH IT, UHUH I’M WORTH IT. sorry, that song just came out of now where.

On the other hand, I have heard some good and bad about DSW but like I said if you know what you’re doing, 99.9% of the time sale section and or full-priced is worth it. And, if you’re also wondering why the shoes are so stinkin’ affordable, they’re from previou(s) seasons of the designer but last season or 6 seasons ago, fashion is fashion. You are the only person who can make something wearable. There are no rules in fashion. 

DSW- Platform SE sandal: $11

DSW- Franco Sarto sandals: $10.00

DSW- Steve Madden platform sandals: $15

DSW- BCBG sandals: $10

H&M- black chunk heel: $10

DSW- Franco Sarto slip-on: $11




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