Va Va Voom

Moto jackets are an essential to one’s wardrobe. It does not matter the color and or texture. But, please if you do not own one, GO GET ONE! This particular jacket is a go-to of mine for any look. Sweats, dresses, lazy, street-chic, etc etc.

If that’s not versatile, I’ve been doing it all wrong then!


Similiar/ Moto

On this particular day, I am feeling a bit rocker-chick but yet girly at the same time. The colors are edgy but the cuts and slits keep it girly. Who knew rocker and girly could go hand in hand?


Similar/ Top

Simliar/ Earrings


Similar/ Skirt

This type of skirt is also an essential to your wardrobe. To dress any outfit up, this piece will forever have your back, but in this case booty?!


Simliar/ Booties


PS. I’m trying to engage with my inner top model, hence the fly aways. JK. I hate wind.




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