Todays outfit is about boldness. Rarely, do I show this much skin but I’m feeling’ it!! Only because CO is hitting the 60’s this week. YES!


Similar/ Earrings


Same/ CK

Similar/ Overalls


Similar/ Jacket

Similar/ Clutch

On the other hand, overalls are so fun to wear. Especially when you’re wanting to dress up but feel like a child at the same time. It is most definitely a win win situation. However, when it comes to wanting to be a little more dressed up, stick to clean overalls, rather than distressed ones. And if needed, change the jacket and you have a whole new look.

you’re welcome (;

But on a serious note, can we just talk about these shoes for a hot second. THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Steve Madden for always coming through with some fabulous shoes. Ya’ll, let me just give you a side note for a second, pun intended… if you ever need to keep notes tangibly, just get a tack, a piece of paper and attach to heel when finished.


Similar/ Heels

you’re welcome. I am serious though. These shoes are so fun! I am all bout cork details right now, only because they’re my only cork piece of item haha.






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