Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas

This year, Christmas is going to be different. In my last blog, I touched on the topic how it’s going to be different in the way of being alone and not being surrounded by family and or loved ones. It’s really been an opportunity of understanding and reality check of what the REAL season is truly about, since I myself easily get caught up in the ways of this world.

Yes, it’s tradition to spend it with family and or loved ones as said but sometimes it doesn’t happen the way you always want it to happen and that’s ok. It’s not ok for other reasons but I hope you can understand the surface level of why I am saying it’s ok. Time and truth tell all.

What time and truth is telling me right now is I need to truly truly focus on the REAL reason for the season. It’s about going beyond the world’s traditions and expectations and embracing the beauty and significance in this specific day.

The Savior and Creator of this world was BORN!

How marvelous?

How scandalous?

How beautiful?

Just how. . . ?


This is the next most significant day in our world. I could not be more grateful for something like this


It’s hard to put into words in how I can express my feelings towards this sacrifice… but at the same time, if I knew how to describe that feeling we wouldn’t need Jesus because it would be complete satisfaction. So then what would be the point? That’s a blog for a different time, but for now Sierra, stay on topic.

I grew up in a pretty modest home when it came to holidays. Presents were not entirely present, pun intended. Being a young child, it’s hard to not compare what others received during those special times and it’s hard not to be envious. I didn’t know or really could comprehend the “real” meaning since it was during a time of “everything is about me”.

Now I am in my 20-somethings. I have a pretty good understanding of how significant this holiday is, in a more in-depth spiritual, mental and physical sense. It’s cheesy only because it’s true but that is the GREATEST gift we could have received as humans. A savior, a baby boy, a hand that heals all, a man who can do miracles, an unconditional lover, a best friend that goes around for everyone.

We all yearn for that best friend, we all yearn for that love, and we all yearn for that satisfaction. If you didn’t know, I want to be the first than, to share the good news. You can get a taste of that! You can experience that, and have an understanding of that, from Christ, Himself. He is the alpha, the omega, the beginning and the end. The Messiah. The one who has and is to come. Think about that one gift you want this year. That one gift that oh you NEED and WANT oh so badly. That one gift you can’t live without. That one gift that will keep you entertained for let’s say a good month, that’s pushing it… so now, multiple that by infinity times eternity.

That’s Jesus. That’s a pretty cool gift, huh? One thing about that gift, He will never get boring, you’ll never forget about Him because once you are a child of God, He will make Himself known!

This Christmas, enjoy the family time, enjoy the gift exchanges and or gifts, and please enjoy the holiday Joy. BUT if you haven’t given a good think into the real reason for this holiday, you may just want to try and think this year… your Christmas reasoning may forever be changed in the most life-giving (literally) possible way.

Merry CHRIStmas and Happy Holidays my sweet sweet friends!!

With extra extra LOVE from me to you,



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