“If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you. – Romans 8:11” 

I’ve come to recognize that in my many years of knowing Jesus I never really understood or cared to understand the power of the Holy Spirit. I knew it was a gift from God but that’s about it. Besides Australia, I’ve never really been to a church where they really elaborate about how powerful and useful the spirit is. After some time of pondering and becoming more curious, I decided to ask some questions, do some research and figure out what the heck the spirit is here for and what does it do.

Let’s do this.

What I have comprehended out of all the scripture I have read and other translations of some truthful knowledge, I have concluded the obvious. However, if it is not obvious to you, do let me explain.

The spirit that lives in a believer is the SAME Spirit that raised JESUS. FROM. THE. DEAD.

How amazing is that? It was a FREE gift given to all those who believe. We have direct access to our Heavenly Father. In other words for all my tech-friends it’s a cellular device, I’m serious! How advanced is our God?! Considering He did create it in all, He better have a line. Haha Jesus jokes are always a tickle to the belly.

Anyway, I’m turning back around on this bunny trail and getting to my point.

We have this impeccable access to Jesus and I feel we don’t take advantage of it enough or at all for that matter. I am always curious to know why miracles from the bible days don’t really take place in our 1st world country… well to be honest they do still happen. However we have so many more distractions and ways to fill the role of the Holy Spirit. We want the instant gratification of what the world can offer… Well I hate to break it to you but Jesus is not of this world, His power is not like anything in this world. We rely so much on our world for healing, happiness and everything else in between those lines. But hear me out sweet friend, why wouldn’t you want to see the power of Jesus happen? Why wouldn’t you want to see it with your own eyes? It was a FREE gfit. We should be leaping for the use of it since any other time something is free we try to be the first to get our hands on it.

I just cannot believe we are given so much power in this broken, sinful world. Well I am also learning that Jesus knew what He was doing and He knew that we would need help in this broken sinful world so He didn’t give us the end of the stick, He gave us what He had when He was tempted by Satan, what God gave Him and all the miracles He performed, We have that exact power.

HONESTLY THAT IS UNREAL. I want to be here for you and remind you that you don’t need to panic, you don’t need to get anxious, and you don’t need to be afraid. Direct access is available 24/7 so take advantage of it and start seeing Jesus work in more tangible ways than you would ever imagine.




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