It Is Well

I went on a spontaneous adventure yesterday with my roommate. We were hiking up the side of a mountain to get to a glacier. However, I wanted to stop because it was getting rough with slippery rocks and we had the dogs with us. My roommate just said keep going, I wanted to stop. I wanted to give up, I was ok seeing a mediocre view. I wasn’t excited to keep going, I was tired, I was out of breath and I was done.

I decided to give it my all though, I decided to run up to the top. I told myself to not look back and just keep looking forward, to keep going. Before I knew it, I was at the top of the mountain in just categorically complete awe.

It was an immense vast mountain range that looked to be never ending. I saw the whole entire lake with a bird’s eye view.


I then, decided to just rest, relax and just be calm, which I NEVER do. I enjoyed the stillness. I enjoyed the spectacular view. With that view a song started playing in my head that I was listening to earlier.

It Is Well, no words. By Bethel.

And here is what I concluded while embracing this view I would’ve never saw if I gave up when it was tough. I wouldn’t have ever saw Jesus in a more vast way if I just stayed comfortable. I wouldn’t have embraced all the truth that I did.

That truth being; it is well with my soul.

As I am typing this, raw as can be and thinking about the view I saw today, with the song in the background here is what came to my mind:

It is well with my soul. It is well with my soul. It is well with my soul.

My Lord, my Heavenly Father, my Love, I give you my trust. I surrender my worries to you. Jesus, the lover of my soul You are SO worthy of praise, this view is absolutely glorious. Jesus, you are too good. I thank you for cross. I thank you for listening to the Father’s will and not your own. Thank you for showing me that I am worth it to You, to Your kingdom, to Your purpose, I am enough. Thank you for the choice of free-will. What is true love if it is forced?

Jesus, it is well with my soul because I have you. You’re all I need. You were in that grave thinking of me. You rose from the dead to show You are who You say you are.

I am overwhelmed with this view. I am overwhelmed with You. You consume me, oh Lord. You have me, I want You, Jesus. I need You, Jesus. I surrender to You, Jesus.

My Lord, You are so gracious, Your love is sufficient, and You are enough. Father, You are omnipresent and this vast song that is replaying in my head makes me want to know You more. Makes me want to explore You more. Makes me want to ask more questions.

How can a God so scandalous love someone so broken? With you I AM made Holy again. I am made perfect again; I am white as snow, why? The cross is always the answer my child.

It is well with my soul. Forever and ever, will be well with my soul.

Stand strong and stand firm that is well with my soul.

Even though I walk thru dark valleys and follow selfish ways, that doesn’t matter to you because you are God. You are the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. You know my worries, my troubles, my tribulations, and my trials. You know it all and that’s why it is well with my soul, oh Lord.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I proclaim in the name of Jesus over myself that you are true and that it is well.

Thank you for showing me what I asked today. This was above and beyond my expectation as always.

It is well with my soul Father. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It is well.


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