Monday Madness

Monday’s are still and will always be my favourite day of the week, as crazy as they can be. They are the start to a new week, new goals and achieving that to-do list… if possible. It’s my day off today but I say that with the least relaxing voice since I don’t actually get to embrace this day off, I work. The work I do on this particular day though isn’t your ordinary work, its a hobby of mine. I thoroughly enjoy what this day brings me since it usually consists of blogging/fashion and Jesus.

My 2 favourite things.ย 

Today’s outfit consists of my idea ofย “Happy fashion”.ย What that entails are pieces put together that normally wouldn’t be paired together. This style in particular makes me really happy, hence the name. I dressed this outfit up with a nice striped blouse and a silk scarf. To tie the whole outfit together, I thought suede flats would do the trick since my feet aren’t able to wear heels at the moment. Since it is a little chiller, and I wanted a little more texture to this outfit I layered my knit fuzzy vest to complete this #fallstyle outfit.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Lots of love,





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