Ok seriously, I need to make a series about getting ready in seconds. My morning  consisted of heaps amount of spontaneity and needing to get out the door ASAP.

Thank goodness black is a colour. It makes you look effortlessly chic no matter what. It looks like you took your time in styling that outfit together, when in reality it probably took you 5 minutes this morning, like me. I did the whole look, grab and put on technique & it worked like usual. I feel as if most the time when you don’t try you look your best but when you take hours and plan, you tend to feel awkward. At least that’s how it goes for me, yay...

Oversized jackets are a MUST-HAVE in my wardrobe and can be worn during any season, woot woot. Having a more petite stature I am in love with anything oversized. It gives my style a little more edginess and comfort to it. Also, I am someone who is always cold so my jackets can become blankets if I choose to use them in that purpose, I LOVE IT.

No matter the day, time, event and or season, black is never a bad choice. Its a slimming choice and again, you will look fabulous no matter what. Effortlessly chic is the new style y’all. GO GET EM’ TIGER.

Happy Fall ya’ll!

Lots of love,



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