How To…

Minutes ago I was processing to myself, how can I be more spiritual? How can I grow more in Christ? How this, how that? It’s a daily question that runs through my head.

I am going to be honest, until this morning it’s been weeks since I did a quiet time. & THAT’S OK. Well, I am learning that it’s ok. I am learning, in order to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father we just need to be still. Be still and know that He is God. Be still and not rush answers, be still and not rush His timing, be still and obey because God loves you no matter what. God loves you so much that He sent His only son to die a gruesome death so that you could be here reading this encouraging message, so that I can share truth to my brothers and sisters, so we can have a relationship with God on our own free will. 

There is NO “How to” book on to be a better Christian, follower of Christ or grow spiritually deeper with Him. All He truly wants from us to do is to WANT HIM. To invite Him in to be apart of our daily lives; the good the bad and the ugly!

How do you have friends or close acquaintances? You hang out, find common ground and interests. You ask questions, go on vaca and enjoy each others presence. That’s exactly what Jesus wants from you. No works, no conditions, just a friendship but not any other friendship. This certain friendship is with someone who will never let you down, hurt you, be angry with you, abuse you, abandon you, manipulate you, etc. Jesus is the ultimate friend and the access to eternity. 

I really did beat myself up this past weekend since I have not been intentional with my quiet time but again, I am learning that’s ok. Life gets in the way and that’s where God’s unconditional grace comes in. He knows your heart. It really comes down to if you want it, pray about it and make it a priority. If you get distracted, remove yourself from those distractions, leave your phone at home and go on a walk, drive or run somewhere and just talk to Him. He is listening, Jesus is omni-present. He’s a big guy and can handle the big trails or seasons you’re facing.

In beautiful colorful COLORado it is fall time. A few friends and I went up to the mountains to see the leaves change and a metaphor came to me.

We humans are the leaves of a tree and Jesus is the stump. We start off with fresh flourishing leaves that make us look beautiful and that’s the time of a steady good life. Then a new season hits and the leaves start to fall off and change color which essentially means a new season of life is around the corner and its going to get rough.

Once you think the trial has passed, yes you can still have some leaves on your tree but majority of them have fallen off and that’s when you are basically naked. You are at your most vulnerable. You are helpless and life seems so hard. But you’re still alive… so that’s the best news you have received because you know Jesus is your foundation and He will be with you thru every season. Then without even knowing, it’s a new season and some buds are popping up. Prayers are being answered and you have allowed Jesus to work in your heart even though you have been a bit bitter through those trials and tribulations However, without even knowing, you are in full bloom of beautiful flourishing leaves again. Life is a cycle, and it has its naked times. It has its scary times too but it also has its immaculate incredible beautiful times. You can always be confident to find to make i thru each season because your life is grounded in Christ. WOOHOO!


Relax and be still my sweet dear friend. God has more grace and love for you than you will ever know. It’s just your choice whether you want to receive it or not.


Happy Fall!

Lots of love,



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