“Don’t Guac Block”

Tuesday kind of sounds like lazy when you say it really slowly…no? Well guess it’s just me then friend. I need to start making a series on how to get ready in 5 seconds because that was ME this morning and almost every single day this September month. hmm.. old habits die hard, right? I need to cut this habit people. I don’t know about you but when I am running late, anxiety kicks in full throttle and I am all over the place for the whole day. It’s horrible.

At least my fashion is still somewhat keen. I like to categorise my style into something called “effortlessly chic”. If you actually only knew what my mornings were like, I am surprised I remembered pants to be honest. YAY FOR TUESDAYYLAZYYY.

On this fabulous day my outfit was leaning towards the “I am going to try to look somewhat fashionable but comfortable as can be.”


Comfort is key my friends for this beautiful fall season!

Lots Of Love,




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