Sunday Funday

Pre PS: This is 3rd day hair, but buns are my new best friend lately. 


Sunday’s are for Farmers Markets, some good ol’ praisin’ Jesus and being absolutely COMFORTABLE.

Sweater weather is officially on and I am obsessed. From Cashmere to Poly’s, you can never go wrong either way but the one thing you need to have for at least one sweater is that go-to soft and I mean soft sweater. Paige Boutique offers multiple fantastic options for any kind of occasion sweater. Dressy to comfort you will never be failed. This particular brand is NYTT and this one in particular has to be THE comfiest one I own and it’s not even cashmere, surprised? Me too!!

Jeans weren’t my thing today and the weather was fabulous on this glorious Sunday, so I decided to show off my vampire legs and wear my Olive stretch skirt from CottonOnIf you read my last blog you’ll understand my Olive color obsession (;

When it comes to shoes, you can do honestly anything with this outfit. However, me being me needing and wanting those extra inches I decided to suck it up and wear my go-to booties I picked up during my travels in Straya’- Australia. They’re FAB! So comfortable and SO versatile. Also, going a long with the trends, I added my choker to this outfit to give it a little edgy-punk look. Fabrik Denver boutique has a good handful of these babies in every style, so options are endless for you. Then, tying the whole outfit together I lately I’ve been enjoying the minimalistic look for jewellery. Having my hair being up, I stuck to my ear crawlers to draw less attention to my candy and rather focus on the clothes more. Less is more my friend!

Find Similar pieces here: 


Overall, Sundays are all about comfort for me if I am needed to go out for the day, otherwise I would be in sweats in a oversized T. Apparently you can’t win every time though!

Happy Sunday Ya’ll!

Lots Of Love,



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