3.2.1 Bomber Ready

Today’s current outfit consists of street chic and comfort. Really focusing on the popular versatile bomber jacket. I chose a neutral color to keep my outfits more soft for a change. Neutral’s aren’t my first choice, but trying new color schemes and getting outside that box is always a great start to a fabulous change.

Fall is all about layering for me and thank goodness it was cold enough to layer today. (even if it’s 100 degrees out, your girl is still layering, but it just so happens to be appropriate weather for my choice of attire.)

When I layer, I love to have peek-a-boo sleeves. It puts off a edgier look rather than being polished and tailored. I then paired it with some DIY distressed black pants and some leather studded booties to tie the whole outfit together. But wait, I wanted to bring a little girly touch to this outfit, so just by adding a pop of summer color, my purse is perfect for this look and some slim big hoops will do the trick as well. It’s not too rockstar, but it’s also not too simple. This is one of my go-to looks, it provides effortless comfort and style for the streets to see.

  • Bomber: Forever21
  • Sweater: Nordstrom
  • Pants: Old Navy (I distressed them)
  • Booties: Steve Madden
  • Purse: Steve Madden
  • Earrings: Charming Charlies
  • Sunnies: Quay (salt & pepper)





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